Sorry to say, I am new to this group

Dixie-(Rainb- ow Bridge- 7/19/11)

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Hi-my name is Dixie and I am new here. My mommy thought she felt a small lump on my right side, but I was a bit chubby, and she wasn't sure about it. She put me on a better food, and measured it daily. I was starting to look really nice, but my mommy noticed there was indeed a lump, and it grew bigger, like the size of a peach-pit. She immediately took me to a vet, who felt it, and due to the size location immediately thought I had VAS.

My mommie wasted no more time, and sent me for surgery. I had a big scar, and had to wear a horrible collar, however, I'm recovering well, EXCEPT for my diagnosis. The test came back for VAS, with no clear margins. My mommie doesn't know what to do, and is so sad. I hate to see her cry so much.

Mommie just wants someone to talk to while she is so sad, and just wants to know how to make me comfortable while she makes some tough decisions. Can you help her?


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Dixie, my mom has written to your mom; we're so sorry that we didn't come here sooner & find your letter. Please let us know how you're doing!hug