Cauliflower Ear- What it is


Blame the Maine- Coon
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Hi everycat-I'd like to explain to you what Cauliflower Ear is, as many of you have been asking.

You know the skin on the other side of your ear, the apricot-colored part with hair growing out of it? (MOL) Well, a blood vessel in my ear popped or exploded, and now that skin has become a blood pouch, which holds the desposed blood. I'm not going to the vet to fix it- they would put me to sleep, slice my ear open, let it drain, and stitch it back up *shudders*eek So, we're hoping it absorbs back and we won't have to do surgery (ew.) Basically what it looks like is a swollen ear.

So, that's what I have. I'm really happy my brother made this group for me (he revealed it with a "Surprise!") And I'm SO thankful you all are praying for me. kitty That's all for now.
MTYL (Meow to you later,)
Patches kitty

Louise- Brooks

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Patches, we know only too well that health problems can rear their head at any time. In my case, I was living outdoors and an injury left me without a back leg. We're so lucky to have caring people around us. I shudder to think of all those cats out there who aren't as fortunate. Let's encourage our human companions to do whatever they can to help them out. We're with you, gal!
Many purrs,
Louise Brooks and family

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