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Burleous (In- Loving- Memory)

DJ of The- Glitter Katz
Purred: Sun Jul 18, '10 6:25pm PST 
Hi Angels!

Lets Introduce ourselves to one another, so we can get to know each other! Sending Love to all your Families! hughughughughug



Suki ~- Forever In- My Heart

Suki Babe
Purred: Mon Jul 19, '10 3:59am PST 
wave my name is Suki I am a tortoiseshell burmese and I came to Rainbow Bridge 28th Sept 2006, I sent my Mum 2 boy cats Nov 2006 because she was so bereft. I have whispered in their ears and they are now getting the hang of being with her and looking after her. I know she still misses me greatly and has my photos everywhere. Billy & Merlin are the 2 boy cats that are now with her. Billy is tabby and Merlin is pure black. They are semi-feral rescue cats. Mum got me from a private house where there were lots of cats, she paid a donation of £5, she says the best £5 she ever spent dancing Mum and I were unseperable and it broke Mum's heart when she knew it was my time, I went peacefully at home, lying next to Mum in her bed at 6:36am.
Mum has seen me properly once since I passed over and in the first month she heard me crunching my biscuits.
On my Birthday and Anniversary she lights a lavender candle that her Mum gave her (her Mum had it lit when I was passing over). My Mum also puts up a big candle in my garden and lights it (see photo on my profile page).
I may be here but Mum ensures I'm never forgotten, just in a different place right now.
Suki cloud 9

Angel- Capri~Foreve- r loved

We miss- you,Angel- Capri!!
Purred: Mon Jul 19, '10 9:48am PST 
hi! Our names are:Capri,Torrie,What's New Pussycat,Marvin,and Monacolittle angel
Capri and Torrie were tortioseshells
Marvin was a red
What's New Pussycat and Monaco were cream and white.

Capri and Monaco are marriedkissing

Marvin has a girlfriend named Zoeykissing

What's New Pussycat has a girlfriend named Kayceekissing

Torrie is single and lookingcry


Good Dog!- Neighborhood- Dog!!
Purred: Thu Jul 22, '10 11:28am PST 
Hi I am Bandit wavewavewavewave I was a yellow lab and I loved my family so much and they loved me so much too. I went to the Rainbow Bridge last Father's Day in June of 2009. It was such a sad day. They still miss me alot. I was always so happy to see my mom & Dad come home. I have a sister at home with Mama & Daddy. She is a chihuahua named Coco.I had alot of years at home but Mama wished it could have been forever. We all miss each other.

Angel Sandra- Marie

Born to Chase
Purred: Thu Jul 22, '10 12:59pm PST 
HI I'm Sandra Marie..I am/ was a Tan part CHow/carin Terrier. I went to the bridge May 18, 2010. I went so quick my family was soo glad that when I got sick it was a matter of weeks and that I did not suffr long, I went very peacful in my moms arms....I had never been sick in 14 yrs then I had my teeth cleaned and I never recovered. Mom said she will never have a older pet do that again...My family misses me and I miss them. | I had a wonderful life with my family for 14 yrs..I was the Queen of the house and the cats were all afraid of me..I left behind my brother Arnie and the cats FLo & Flossie. My mom was grieving soo much I sent her a rescue dog that needed a wonderful family, now they just adopted Tanner and my mom is smilig again. She said I will always be her Angel.puppy

♥CoC- o- Chanel&heart- s; -

Mommy\'s Angel
Purred: Fri Jul 23, '10 8:34pm PST 
I am CoCo Chanel. I came to the Bridge on July 12, 2009. I can't believe I have already been here a year already. Seems like yesterday I was in my mommy's arms. I was definitely a diva dog and my family loved me sooo much. Me and my mommy had a special bond. I missed my family so much that as soon as I got her, I made arrangements for Mommy to get a new baby to help ease her pain. Almost a week later, my little sis, Chloe Chanel arrived. She's also a diva but with a very different personality. She's a sweetie and I'm glad my mommy has her.

Shadow ( My- Sweet Angel)

Fang Boy
Purred: Fri Jul 23, '10 8:52pm PST 
Co Co Channel wavewave You sound alot like me! I was with Mama for 16 years, and when I past last October, one week later I guided her to a homeless kitty, she calls Brandy. We atr good Angels, huh Co Co Channel?



♥CoC- o- Chanel&heart- s; -

Mommy\'s Angel
Purred: Thu Jul 29, '10 8:38pm PST 
Yes, Shadow, we are good angels. We both looked after are mommies so that they wouldn't stay sad.

Shadow ( My- Sweet Angel)

Fang Boy
Purred: Thu Aug 5, '10 10:35pm PST 
Awwwwww! little angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angel

That is super!

In Memory of- Duffy

Purred: Wed Aug 11, '10 8:45pm PST 
Hi the angels our Butch and Jessie and Ricky and Duffy and Fuzz our owner is down on earth missing us so much thank you so much for having this group and such wonderful friendly people our owner is named Donna Duffy's Rainbow Bridge Day is Sept and Ricky's is Oct 3 we know it well because that is our owners Birthday

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