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*Lilly Bush*- 2000-2007

I love catnip
Purred: Thu Sep 2, '10 8:44am PST 
We celebrated my birthday on May 10, 2000. I had health problems and for 2 years I declined. I was a joker and kept my family in stitches but that changed and one day mom saw that the joy in my eyes was gone.
Mom was with me as I Crossed on July 6, 2007.little angellittle angel

Socks Bush (- 2007-2008)

The Protector- !!!
Purred: Thu Sep 2, '10 9:08am PST 
We used April 27, 2007 as my Birthday. On Monday August 4th Donald found me in the yard, not moving. Mom and Donald rushed me to the vet and he said I had a brain injury and probably was hit by a car. Over the next few days I regained my vision, hearing, and able to walk a little; but was wobbly and my senses were confused. On Thursday Doc Kelly told mom that if I was older he would have said that I had had a stroke, because there was no abrasions and no broken or cracked bones. So my injury is still a mystery. I had seizures on Friday and on Saturday Doc Kelly said my quality of life was at zero. Mom held me and told me how much she loved me as we said goodbye on August 9, 2008.

Mom has mourned for all of her furbabes; but she truly had a tough time after I left her (and still do at times). So I have sent her many butterflies to help her. I always send her a special one, when she needs comfort. little angellittle angel

In Memory of- Duffy

Purred: Tue Sep 14, '10 7:43pm PST 
Hi my name is Duffy and I went to the bridge on Sept 29 2009 my mommy is still having a hard time she misses me so much she went through so much to help me and I miss her please send her some hugs on my Rainbow Bridge Day thank you Duffy

In Memory of- Ricky

Gimmie Food- Please
Purred: Tue Sep 14, '10 7:44pm PST 
Hi my name is Ricky and my mommy lost me on her birthday it was a awful birthday for her it was Oct 3 2009 please send her some hugs on my Rainbow Bridge day thank you

✞Molly(For- ever In Our- Hearts)

✝Mom'- s Sweet- Angel✝
Purred: Tue Nov 2, '10 5:50pm PST 
Hi, I am Molly Mae, I was having a Heart Attack and Mamma and Daddy rushed me to the Emergency Clinc. They tried everthing they could, but Jesus was calling me home to Heaven....Mamma took this very hard, she cried for hours and days, she held me for an hour after I had passed to the Bridge. She still misses me and cries. Please send my Mamma Hugs for me, she is not in good health,and she needs prayer please, she has Kidney Disease, and is in Kidney Failure.... Thank You..
My Crossing day to the Bridge was Nov 21, 2009

Molly Mae hug

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