Naughty Pet of De Month Fur July

Angel Boy- Adam- ChewbaccaNPC

Nothing is too- big for me Love- Roxie
Purred: Sat Jul 3, '10 5:36pm PST 
Lets start something here gang and the winner will get their photo on a background created by mommy for the following month. Post all your naughties fur de month here and wes will deside who de naughties is. De next month de winner of de month befur gets to choose de naughties pet as well as 3 Honerable mentions. So lets post our naughty deeds gang. Also lets invite our naught friends to join as well. My naughties so far dis moth are wetting all over mommys bed last nithg and de night befur kicking her sore leg making her jump so hers could not sleep. Today mes leve a wittle lake infront of de safety gate where granny almost stepped in it.
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Adam Chewbacca