What food do you use?

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Tail Waggin'- Mutt
Purred: Thu Jul 1, '10 6:39pm PST 
What food do you use?

I'll count up to see who feeds the best food and how many of you feed the same foods.

Captain- Thumper

it's- all- mine
Purred: Sat Jul 3, '10 5:26pm PST 
Science Diet small and toy breed diet and Cesar's sunrise foodbig grin


Tail Waggin'- Mutt
Purred: Sat Mar 12, '11 6:21pm PST 


Vik Vik -- emitting- aromas...
Purred: Mon Mar 14, '11 8:18pm PST 
We switch around. Dry kibble is always grain free (otherwise Viktor's feet begin to smell like stale Fritos) so we feed Blue Buffalo or Taste of the Wild. Wet food is generally Purina, Purina One, Blue Buffalo, Nature's Recipe, Pedigree and Authority.


Purred: Mon Nov 7, '11 11:57am PST 
We feed Kirkland Chicken and Rice or Lamb and Rice. We have three dogs and money is tight, but we feel good about the quality for the price. They are all thriving on it. For treats we do splurge on the better brands since it's not as much shock to the wallet.


Purred: Wed Nov 9, '11 12:33pm PST 
Coopers favorite food out of many different brands we've tried is alpo prime cuts. He loves the flavor and it keeps his coat nice and shiny, and a healthy weight. Not to mention less potty breaks. Alot of other stuff has tons of fillers not good for your dog.

Miss- Attitude- "ATTIE"

Purred: Fri Nov 11, '11 7:50pm PST 
Attie eats Taste of the Wild. She loves it I made the mistake of buying "Nutro Grain Free Venison and potato Formula" last time it's an OK food but not as good as TOTW. It costs a little more and I thought with it having limited ingredients it would be less likely to cause allergies. After I did some research I found it's just not as good as TOTW. So when she eats all of this bag we;ll definately go back to TOTW.thinkingthinkingthinkingthinking
We live and learn.......thinking


Akita Pals- Always.
Purred: Tue Nov 15, '11 5:57pm PST 
We currentlt are eating a mix of Blue Buffalo chicken and brown rice and the Wilderness duck formula. We also get some home cooked stuff each night. Tonight we had Haddock and Tuna. Yummy!!!


Fletchy- McFletcherson
Purred: Wed Nov 16, '11 7:22am PST 
We use Nature's Variety Instinct and Prairie. Avoid the chicken though, it gives both Fletch and Petunia horrible gas!!


I'm just a sweet- little baby :)
Purred: Tue Oct 23, '12 8:54am PST 
I noticed that no dog has barked on this thread in a while. I am new to Dogster and because my momma just had me two weeks ago today, our human mom switched my mom to Taste of the Wild puppy food so I get plenty of nutrition while i'm nursing. wave

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