I have to have surgery this Tuesday

Braun Boy- (RIP,- Mommy's Boy)

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Purred: Sat May 22, '10 6:44pm PST 
Mom is VERY worried about my surgery this Tuesday. I have had a "lump" show on my body before which turned out to be fat so Mommy was not too worried about the recent one she found during my bath. However, she did keep an eye on it and it grew in size very quickly.

We went to the Vet today and he was concerned. He said this new lump was "hard" and "mobile" and we needed to remove it now versus wait. Apparently it is "not attached to anything" because he could move it and he was concerned since it was hard so it has to be removed and tested. My mother is very upset. She was not worried about the new lump because the last one was so harmless.

I think she feels the worst about having to take me to the Vet the evening before my surgery versus the morning of the surgery because I have three other furfamily members and I have to not have water/food after 6:00 p.m....that is dinner time at our house. Anyway, mom feels sad and worried and we are asking fur pawrayers this Monday through Wednesday fur me. My mom loves me more than anything and hopes all will be ok.

To Braun From Mommy: You are the sweetest little Man I know and I would do this for you if I could. Be safe my little man! Love You!