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Doritos ~
Purred: Sat May 15, '10 7:38pm PST 
Hi! My name is Doritos, a black tabby domestic shorthair. Though fast and unpredictable, I show respect towards my oner. Usually... My favorite things to do are eat, sleep, pause to get pet, and disappear.
Be good to your owners! (I'M WATCHING YOU...!) shh shock


I get cuddles- 'on tap'......
Purred: Tue May 18, '10 7:55am PST 
Hallo...!!! I am Auntie Miss Lillie........I am a domestic shorthair (ok I am a rescue moggie) but I live in England, not do I still qualify?.......I am, indeed, AWESOME........!!!

RADDY (my- heart's- darling)

I am still my- Meouwmy's- Beloved....
Purred: Tue May 18, '10 8:00am PST 
Hi....!!! I am a Bridge Kittie, 'Conrad the Wild and Free' by name.......I also am a domestic shorthair, but live in I count? When I lived on the earth I was called 'Grandad Conrad, the Magnificent and Revolting'...........

I am VERY Awesome....... and also very pleased to meet you........let us have a serious conversation........



Yeah, the ladies- love me.
Purred: Sat Oct 2, '10 8:19am PST 
Miao! I'm Ridley, and my sister Jolt is here, too. We live in a Chicago suburb. We hope to meet lots of furiends here! kitty kitty

♥- Socko- ♥

Beware the lean- mean sock thief!
Purred: Sat Oct 2, '10 6:49pm PST 
Hi! My name is Socko and I'm new here!

♥- Misty- ♥

I tend to be- berry- interesting!
Purred: Sat Oct 2, '10 6:52pm PST 
Hey! I'm Misty and I am new here as well. I am Socko's older sister, he is my little bro-fur.


Purred: Mon Oct 18, '10 8:01pm PST 
Hello we just joined! We are quite a big furmily so I'll start by introducing myself and my sister. My name is BeBop, I'm 5 months old and I was spayed this morning(I don't remember but they say that is what happened) My sister HipHop was also spayed, we are foster kittens and now(yesssssssssss) are for adoption! Our dad Tiger that joined too was adopted a few weeks ago, our mom Tamara is in another foster home.
We live in Fairbury, Nebraska..oh my sisfur and I look so much alike except I've a chinstrapwink Looking forward to hearing from all DSHers


Queen of Catnip
Purred: Wed Jan 5, '11 12:55pm PST 
Hi, I'm Madeline (Maddy, for short) and I'm AWESOME!


yummyyummy i got- fancy feast in- my tummy
Purred: Tue Jan 11, '11 6:32pm PST 
My name is Nellie and i am domestic shorthair. i am 1 and 1/2 years old and i have 1 sisfur named alexis who is also a domestic shorthair too. we both joined this group.


Purred: Thu Jul 11, '13 10:32pm PST 
Hi Im Snowball! Im new here! Im just a kitten, but Im growing up fast! I like to be in the middle of whatever is going on. My mom just wants to cuddle, but Im usually way to busy for that!happy dance

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