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This was requested of me by an instructor I'd had a couple of years back, but he wanted to find out just how I was feeling about finishing college...

This was written on 2-16-2010, & I presented it to the instructor a week later. Although I didn't present it to him for a grade (he was no longer my instructor), I did present it to him as a friend-to-friend note...

Embarking on a new future...

As I prepare to finish up school, I've been experiencing mixed feelings. I've spent well over 4 years in school. Sometimes, it feels like a lifetime. Other times, it seems like just yesterday I embarked on a 'different' path in my life.

There is excitement at my being able to finally tell people that I'm a college graduate. There are instructors I'll probably never get to see again, yet there are some who are friends & whom I will talk to on a regular basis. Some of my fellow classmates are friends, & they have been the 'push' I've needed the last couple of quarters. There have been a few who have told me the end is near & to not give up! I will miss them more than they know or realize.

There is also sadness that this chapter in my book is coming to a close! It's coming quicker than I thought it would! I have so much to look forward to, yet I'll miss so much & so many!

My family & close friends, although supportive, are probably ready for me to stop talking about homework, books, & everything else associated with school. My boss is looking forward to my not saying...I CAN'T WORK LATER THAN 5:30 BECAUSE I HAVE A CLASS TONIGHT!

What surprises & decisions will my new future bring me? I have yet to find out. I'm looking forward to a new beginning with new experiences, faces & new challenges! I'm ready for the next chapter in my book of life. I'm sure the learning will never stop, but at least I won't be the 'curve bender' in that classroom!

School is not easy. It takes commitment, courage, & mostly, SACRIFICE! Without any of that, you have no reason to be in school.

I was once told by one of my favorite instructors (and I'm not just saying it because he might read this) that education is the one thing that can never be taken away from you! The accomplishment of finishing is better than all the sacrifices & commitments you could ever imagine!

Look out life, HERE COMES THE NEW ME!!!!!!!!!!!!