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Kitten season has not quite started here yet, but we are seeing some under 10 wks. starting to trickle in. We have a couple litters of 4 mo. olds whose owners should have surrendered them when they were younger and in demand. But we don't think we'll have any problem finding them homes this weekend.

We got a litter of 3 4 mo. olds 2 weeks ago, but they are SOOOO tiny. They look to be 8-10 wks. We grilled the guy 2x on their age, and he was sure they were 15-16 wks. old. He said their Mama was small though. Stupid man let her have at least 3 litters, but he is spaying her this time. One of them has already been adopted last weekend, and we have someone looking at another tonight. Otherwise they will be going to Petco this weekend.

We also got 2 4mo. olds 3 weeks ago. They are actually the offspring of a kitten we fostered about 1 1/2 yrs. ago along with HER mother and siblings. We still have her mother at our adoption center, which would be the kitten's grandmama. (Anyone confused yet??) Our town is not that small until stuff like this happens.
They will also be going to Petco.

Other than that, we got one kitten out of the ringworm room this week. She is already 5 mos. old (but so very beautiful and sweet), so we hope she finds a home this weekend too. Her brother is the one with the head tilt that we wrote about below, and we may have found him a home too with a previous adopter of ours when he is over his ringworm. Wonderful man who just happened to come into Petco last weekend to see if we still had a kitty he was considering over 2 yrs ago when he adopted the other 2 from us. We just don't want Jaden to go to any home cause of his "disability", so we are trying to get this man to adopt him. Keep your paws crossed!!!way to go

Other than that, 4 more ringworm kittens to go until we are rid of it (Mama thinks I have it too - darn kittens)shock


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Wishing you and all of your foster babies lots of luck! cheer

Today we're bringing in a mom and her 4 five week old kittens, along with an older kitten, about 6 months old who may have been from one of her previous litters.


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Good Luck to you too Teyah!!

We got the sister who had ringworm adopted cheer and her brother with the head tilt is going to be adopted by the nice man who adopted from us before. We just have to get him over his ringworm, neuter him, and take him for a follow-up vet appt. The 2 grandbabies are sick again, and we think it is calicivirus. We still have the 2 tiny sisters, but is hoping the man who wanted to see the black one will come look at her this week.

Keeping all paws crossed!!

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We got the phone call this week that they're starting to come in. We were asked if we were ready to take a few yet, obviously the answer is 'of course'! So teeny kittens are coming soon!
Only thing is, I thought I'd have until april, so I'm raising chickens in my bedroom, hmm, this could be interesting!

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Usually we have small kittens by now but it was soooo cold this winter in TN so we don't have any itty bitty kittens yet. Thank goodness because in the last month we've had 32 puppies either born or dropped off at the shelter.

In anticipation of kitten season one of the other volunteers agreed to foster our 2 oldest cats...13 and 11 years old. Muffin and Felix were sooo depressed and now they are happy cats again!!dancing


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We are getting three older ones again - 4-5 mos. old. We are so sick of people calling us when they get that big!! They would have been adopted in a heartbeat if we had them a month or 2 ago. I think people hang onto them when they are small and cute and then start to panic when they get bigger. Hopefully we can get them out before the little ones start comming!!eek

Hey Tilly, how's the chicken raising going?? How do you get involved in that??

Miss Daisy

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One cat gave birth last week at the shelter. Then another volunteer trapped 3 kittens and mama. Kittens were about 10 days old. Just got a call from another friend of mine who runs another rescue. Someone found a 6-7 day old kitten on the sidewalk today. Naturally she went out and rescued it! I think the season is starting again!


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We agree here too. We've had at least 3 in foster that we know of give birth in the past 3 wks. - two had seven kittens and one had 3. One was found on a sidewalk and it's sibling in the bushes - just newborns. I'm sure there are more, we just don't hear about them all.
Mama loves the little ones and can't wait until she gets some 4-6 wk. olds or a Mama with babies. She is going on vacation end of month and can't take any little ones close to the time she leaves cause it's too much for our petsitter.

Good Luck everyone with the kittens!! Let's hope there are fewer and fewer every year and people are s/n their kitties. dancing