BARF diet for a dog with a history of Pancreatitus


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I have a very sick dog lets just say, and I want to get her started on the BARF diet. Though I'm not sure, she has had pancreatitis so I'm not sure if i should start her on it or not. If so, how should I introduce it to her? should I do at first for a week what she's used to in the morning and raw at night. and should I do cooked or raw meats since we aren't quite sure how high her immunity is right now. And which meats should I avoid giving? I know pork definitely but is there any others? She just got dewormed also and is taking her second pill February the 14th we aren't sure what worm though. We think its most likely tapeworm but we aren't sure.

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WOW can't believe no one every answered your question. Have you since taken the plunge into raw feeding your dog? I hope so... raw meat and bones is the very best diet for dog with pancreitits! It is species appropriate so extremely easy to digest. I would not add any veggies or grains though as our carnivorious companions are not equipped with the right kind of or enough enzymes to properly digest these omnivore foodstuffs.

If you still need need help putting your dog on a raw diet, let me know.