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Hello, this is Reuben Bettsak with Animal Planet's – DOGS vs CATS.

We are currently in production of DOGS vs CATS, a special which will air on Animal Planet. DOGS vs CATS is an all out one hour quest to answer the burning question that has polarized the world for centuries…which species is superior: the dog or the

We are casting for 3 different roles in Boston, MA and wanted to give you a heads up in case you or someone you recommend might be interested. We will be filming one day during the week of Feb 8th between 2pm and 10pm in a studio space. (Dates and Times
TBD). The filming will take about 30 minutes.

• We are looking to film cats and/or dogs WITH their owners. Are you a hard core
cat owners -- who think cats are the superior house pet and have an opinion
about it? Are you an opinionated dog lovers who would never in a million years
own a cat? If so, we want to hear from you! We are also okay with people who
have and love both dogs and cats but please tell us the pro and cons of having
both. We are happy to have singles, couples, and some children who are connected
to the hip of their furry friends. NOTE: Dogs and/or cats must be comfortable in
a studio setting with their owners.

• We are looking for puppies and kittens that are between the age of 6 to 15
weeks of age. These puppies and kittens will play with each other at the studio
– being cute and lovable with their new fluffy friends.

• We are looking for highly trained and relaxed adult dogs and cats. These dogs and cats will need to be able to stay on command and be good with other dogs and/or cats. We would love to get some group shots of dogs and cats sitting on a couchtogether looking friendly and relaxed.

If you are interested in applying for any of these roles, please include the
following information with your response and we will be in touch:

• Dog’s and/or Cat's Name
• Breed
• Age
• Does your pet get alone with other dogs and/or cats?
• Does you pet stay on command?
• A picture of you with your pet(s)
• Your location
• Your Contact info
• Your availability from 2-10 during the week (we'll need you for 20-30 minutes)
• Please tell us: Why you love your pet. Do you prefer cats or dogs and why? Do
you loathe one or the other -- explain? Why is the cat or dog the superior pet?
• Does your pet do any funny tricks?

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