Hello Everybody!!!


Lets play or- I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\- 'm hungry!
Purred: Tue Dec 22, '09 7:12pm PST 
cheer Just wanted to introduce myself...I'm partly E. Mau but I have the characteristic V on my forehead and a splash of white on my back....I'm getting to be pretty big...not fat but long-tail, legs, body.......purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrcloud 9 Holla!!!

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Samson T.- Hunter

Master of All He- Sees
Purred: Sun Jun 3, '12 2:47am PST 
Hi! wave My name's Samson and I'm a Ragdoll cross (my mother was a Ragdoll). I live in Australia and I joined Catster recently. I hope everyfur's having as much fun as I am playing games and making new furiends! cheer