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Mama\'s Alarm- Clock
Purred: Tue Dec 22, '09 6:40pm PST 
kitty Mama discovered that my sister and I have Egyptian Mau ancestry...she had met my kitty mommy and recalled the characteristic patterns on her fur...so that means my kitty daddy may have been oriental....and my sister Ani's may have been ragdoll(she's a lot bigger than me)..even my new brother sodapop has some characteristic spots(he's pixiebob...but I'm sure it's all in the mix)...fun to join this group...just giving a shout out to all the Mau's!

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Lil Miss

Little Wild- Child
Purred: Mon Mar 22, '10 2:41pm PST 
kittyI 'm Lil Miss. I am just like my breed! I have the skin flap and everything else an Egyptian Mau has. I live in Georgia with my human family.

See you soon,
Lil Miss


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Purred: Fri Jul 2, '10 8:06pm PST 
laugh out loud Oh the skin flap...we all have that...my mama was worried about that..it actually helps us run fasterhappy dance