Look out your window right now. Tell us what you see.


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Purred: Tue Dec 15, '09 2:06pm PST 
I am sitting on top of the Kitty Climber looking out the upstairs window. I see cars. Skeery cars that take Mama away and me to the vet! I see a few people, but not Mama yetfrown Oh what is that someone with a dog on a leash. Dogs have no sense of direction so a people has to helps them walk. Glad I am a Kitty! Whoo!! A leave hit the window hard. Liked to skeer me off my look out.


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Purred: Tue Dec 15, '09 6:38pm PST 
Haha that's not true! Dogs have a sense of direction and it's called a NOSE! laugh out loud
And my father can open doors without peoples' help.

When I look outside, I see my mommy's nephews always playing ball. They just want to play, but I can't go out front because they always think I will run away...honestly...why would I do that? shrug


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Purred: Thu Dec 17, '09 2:00pm PST 
Martha, I was kidding about dogs having no sense of direction. Better than cats probably. I am glad you told us what you see our your window. Hope others join in from all over the place. cheer


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Purred: Fri Dec 18, '09 7:01am PST 
OMCats! This morning on the back porch I saw a mouse with a big, big fluffy tail run up a tall pine tree. I meowed to Mama. She said that is a squirrel, Raincloud, it won't come over here. Whew!! Good news! applause


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Meowdy from Texas, Martha wave
On our back porch today it was sunny, but very windy, I almost blew off the balcony shock Tonight Mama and I went out and saw the beginning of the moon. We thought it was such a beautiful gift from God hail

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Its bright and sunny outside cause I live in florida(: Its suppose to be winter but theres a bunch of flowers.. Nice day to go on a walk windy but at the same time warm(: I love it

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Purred: Fri Feb 5, '10 1:53pm PST 
It's dull, grey, overcast . . . snow is on the way! Not even a squirrel in sight! frownfrown