Am I Too Little for my Age?


Purred: Fri Nov 27, '09 6:16pm PST 
Hi. Mum is worried about me because I'm not gaining weight as fast as Calypso. We are close to the same age (within a few weeks). I turn 5 months in December, and I'm 5.4 pounds. Mommy also just dewormed us a couple of weeks ago, and I've started putting on a little more weight.

Also, Calypso and I keep getting runny noses and eyes along with sneezes, and Mommy doesn't know whether to go the antibiotic route or let our immune systems fight it off.

What should she do? kitty


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Purred: Sat Dec 12, '09 12:43pm PST 
I was three pounds at 12 weeks of age, and a little over five pounds at five months, so you don't seem underweight to me. I'm a girl, but I'm a BIG eater. I'm eight months old now and I weigh eight pounds!

Maybe your Mom should try some L-Lysine for the sniffles. My furmily had those before I joined them, and the lysine helped them. It's a virus, the vet said, and the lysine helps keep the virus from replicating.