Hi from my brother & me!


Bodie - Able To Leap- Tall Buildings
Purred: Thu Oct 29, '09 2:59pm PST 
We're both brown leopard bengals. Nice to see someone else who looks like us, cuz the only other furry in my house is big, gray, female, and a crabby witch. dancing


Purred: Thu Sep 22, '11 5:29pm PST 
MOL! Bitsy and I were just rescued by a lady with 5 other cats. We have not met any of them, yet. I hear there is a calico who bosses all the other kitties around, here...
Its nice to meet you all!
We are "adoptable" but only "together"... Momma Carol is working with the Calif Bengal Rescue Group, to find us a "forever Home"...big grin