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♥Bear- BMC ♥

- Bearbut- BMC
Purred: Wed Sep 30, '09 9:37pm PST 
Ruby is in Nacogdoches Texas and we need to get her to Baton Rouge or at least around Lafayette. We live in Mobile, Al, but if I can get her close to Baton Rouge, I can pick her up.

We are hoping to work this out for the weekend of Oct 9

thanks so much

Ashlye&heart- s;Delicious- Dazzle

The Boss
Purred: Thu Oct 1, '09 6:38am PST 
We are toooo far away! But if we can get the Transportation run sheet! We will cross post it!

Just wonder if Valentino got adopted too!

Please if you can update on him!!


♥ - Snoopy- ♥

Cats just wanna- have fun!
Purred: Thu Oct 1, '09 6:17pm PST 
Hey! Georgia here! We can't help drive, but we can send a little money to help cover cost or something?!?!?!? Let us know..

♥Bear- BMC ♥

- Bearbut- BMC
Purred: Fri Oct 2, '09 3:33am PST 
Good Morning,
A special friend has found a transport group that may help us get Ruby home.
I should know more today and will post their response. If they are not able to help, I will post a route tonight and ask that everyone crosspost it in their groups.
Great big hugs to everyone for all of your words of encouragement and support.
Bear and Mom

Lily- ♥- ♥

Purred: Fri Oct 2, '09 5:41am PST 
Best wishes Bear! This is great news!

Just a reminder that we cannot accept any funds in this group, however your generosity and thoughtfulness is SO appreciated!


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