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Oreo- ♥- ♥

Purred: Wed Sep 30, '09 4:37pm PST 
Ruby and her brother Valentino are currently at a shelter in Texas. She may be harder to place due to her injuries; however, Bear's mommy fell in love with her at first sight!! We are trying to get her home; here is her story...

Ruby has a head injury from a fan blade and is under vet care. Pictures may be a bit graphic for some.

Msg. from Diana at her shelter:

Ruby and Valentino were trying to survive in a flower bed at a Comfort Suite Inn located right off of a very busy highway in Nacogdoches. They were so hungry that it only took 2 minutes to trap the 12 week old kittens.

Valentino, the black and white tuxedo is a doll and I was able to pet him with no problem. In fact, he solicited the petting and talked but as is expected, he is scared. The little Tortie was extremely scared. Dr. Garner opted to net her and all of her dead skin came off during that adventure exposing a very nasty fan blade injury. He was not able to stitch it up as there isn't any lose skin in that area so she will have to be treated with Granulex (a spray on medicine used on burn victims) for a few weeks.

Yes, finally, I'm getting to the real reason I'm writing you -- the tortie is not going to be pretty and as you know, tortie's are hard to place anyway! More than likely her hair will never grow back on her head and right eye will be bug eyed. Ruby really has improved greatly and I can spray the granulex on her head with very little effort. Although she acts scared, she does not try to bite or scratch and does enjoy being petted and of course, her snackies.

She adores her brother, whom I have named Valentino because he is so precious. He, too, was frightened at first, but after only a few hours realized how lucky he was. I'm attaching pictures of him as well.

These two have been caged at a Vet's office now for several weeks as we do not have any available fosters to take them. Please spread the word around to see if someone might be willing to help these two babies out. They will, of course, be altered, etc.

SO! We need transport from Texas to Louisiana, at the least!

Happy purrrrssss!

MorganThePi- rate in- heaven

You Gotta Love- Me, I'm a Pirate
Purred: Wed Sep 30, '09 4:54pm PST 
We are too far away - but can you please post the legs you need? We have friends in Texas we can ask to help and spread the word.

Purrin for Ruby!

Oreo- ♥- ♥

Purred: Wed Sep 30, '09 5:01pm PST 
We will, Morgan! As soon as Bear's family joins, we'll keep you updated!
cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9

Flower - Purrecious- Angel

Flowie The- Warrior Queen!- (Thanks, Bugsy
Purred: Wed Sep 30, '09 5:23pm PST 
We are too fur away too, but we'll be happy to send money fur gas or food or anything! Please let Momma know!

Lily- ♥- ♥

Purred: Wed Sep 30, '09 5:30pm PST 
Huggies to you and your furmily, Flower!! Thank you!
Will keep you posted!

Quinn C.

My Aunties Rock!
Purred: Wed Sep 30, '09 5:37pm PST 
Us too cousin Lily! We are ready and waiting to hear what is needed. Mom sure wishes she could help with the driving. Unfortunatly, ND is not between TX and AL.confused

Chance- ♥ DB- #176C

Purred: Wed Sep 30, '09 5:45pm PST 
Quinn!! wavewavewavewave
MOL! WHAT are we doing so far north of everything?? thinkingshock

silly purrs!
your twin, Chance!


Proud to be a- GATO!
Purred: Wed Sep 30, '09 7:03pm PST 
We want to help too! We love Ruby!happy dance

♥Olive- r Winston- Parsons

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Purred: Wed Sep 30, '09 7:33pm PST 
Oklahoma here, so probably not on your route....wish I was, I would so love to be of help.

Blessings on all the babies and all the Railroad transporters.
It is God's work you are all doing.

♥Bear- BMC ♥

- Bearbut- BMC
Purred: Wed Sep 30, '09 9:31pm PST 
Thank you so much for all the support.

We are so excited for Ruby to get here. . . .

Bear, Marmi, Snickers, Squirrel

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