Cat house on the kings Fund Raiser

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October 31 The Cat House on the kings is having a Halloween Fund Raiser. Please some join the fun and games in support of our No Kill Animal shelter. wanna learn more about us? Visit our website at Hope to see you all there.



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Boy oh boy! I have been just browsing through that link you posted.
This is so cool!!!
I wish someone in the country we are in could care like that for our kind.

My mommy said that if she would have means to help there - she would certainly do that.
She said that would be the place where she would work for nothing. She said that she was always this way, but never had a chance.

Here our feline kind are not looked after like that at all. Few humans here can even understand that we can love and be loved. They just don't care for us. All they really want is to adopt feline youngsters from shelters to be their rat catchers. So sad.
The five of us are lucky. But what about all others?!!! I know that May's blood-brother was adopted for a rat-catcher, just before mommy got May.

I just wanted to say thanks to you for posting this great knowledge about this wonderful lady at The Cat House on the Kings.

Mommy bookmarked it for us and whenever we get a chance - we'll contribute.

Our feline kind deserves the best.

Love & Light to all.

Janie & family.


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we just checked out the web site for "Cats on the Kings" everybody needs to click on the Animal resscue site and help them win the $20,000.

They are also having a raffle to win a hugh cat tree...even if you don't live in Ca. if would be a good donation to save kitties like Flo and me that were dump like trash, we were really lucky that our mom saved us.

kittykittykitty Flo & Flossie


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We have been going over to the animal resuce site and voting for the Cat house on the kings...hope they win.cheer


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wave Meowdy Fuzzies wave I just joined today wave
I guess this thread is moot by nowfrown
Mama is all for supporting local pet rescue groups puppykitty