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drink your water- and be happy
Purred: Sun Oct 25, '09 8:42pm PST 
I love to snuggle when mommy is trying to work on the computer. For some reason she doesn't like it when I sit on the keyboard, so she puts me in her lap and stops typing. I like it best when she has a pillow in her lap and she stops typing. I also like to snuggle on my blankie, wherever mommy puts it.


Purred: Sun Jan 10, '10 7:41pm PST 
wave Meowdy wave I am a new join wave I am 9 or 10 years oldshrug I was very tiny when I was born, so Mama named me Itsybig grin I have a real brother, Big Bob, and he was the biggest kitten Mama had ever seen shock

I will find a way to get in Mama's lap no matter where she is and no matter whenapplause Mama's lap is my favopurrist place in my world kitty

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