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When you're- chocolate, life- is sweet!
Purred: Thu Jul 30, '15 8:58am PST 
blue dog Woof, Morris! Thanks fur making brekkie! I'll join you out on the deck!

:: fixes his plate, gets a big glass of OJ, takes a seat, says grace and starts to eat :: Yummmmmmmmmm...

I hope your mommy has earplugs! And I hope the grandsons behave themselves at your house. naughty

It's foggy here, and lots cooler than yesfurday. Mommy got her laundry done, then she has some dishes and then she'll get out her going-away bag fur tomorrow. Pawsonally, I'm still tired from the Wag. I'm just planning to nap all day. laugh out loud


Mom says I am- her special- Girl!!
Purred: Thu Jul 30, '15 4:27pm PST 
Hi Hershey and Everyone

I hope you have all had a great day... makes a plate of goodies and jiins her friends on the deck.

I was so busy today and then Grandma even visited so I got extra attention and tummy rubs... what a great day!!smilesmilecheer


Cat With 9-Lives
Purred: Thu Jul 30, '15 6:24pm PST 
wavewave No mommy doesn't have earplugs frown laugh out loud Parker(in the middle) likes to stir things up, but thats a way of getting attention thinking The day was ok happy dance
Is your mommy packing you boys a bag to Hershey?
Zoey smile We got to have the windows and doors opened today and OMC! it has been great hi5 We could hear the birdies flying around and singing applause The Gold Finches love the Sunflowers hamster dance
Gots to go, on FB in the PD&PC group and watching Big Brother with a few members laugh out loud dancing
Have a great evening furiends winkbig hug

Cleopatra ~- Grace

Gray Streek
Purred: Fri Jul 31, '15 8:02am PST 
wave good morning!! Lets have Stuffed French Toast this morning hi5 I'm eating out on the deck happy dance
We have a mostly sunny start to the day hamster dance Mommy did laundry and its just about done cheer
So after lunch her and the boys and doggies will go out back for a while dancing We are glad its Friday applause Next Saturday Molly is going to Faith's and get groomed cheerapplauseapplausehi5 The groomer lady is way better. She called mommy this morning dancing Then another time will be Pooks big grin
Have a Super Pawsome day everyfur big hug


Running Devil
Purred: Sat Aug 1, '15 6:35am PST 
partyparty Yesterday was Walker's Gotcha day and today is Mine partyparty 11 years with my forever and ever family cheer
Evan is coming over so his big brothers can go shopping for school clothes and then Evan won't get tired and bored dancing
This afternoon some more work on utility room. Putting up a couple new wall's dancing
Have a great day puppybig hug

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