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When you're- chocolate, life- is sweet!
Purred: Mon Jun 26, '17 3:49am PST 
shock We haven't been able to get here since Friday! Flicka's mom gave us a spawcial key, or we wouldn't be here now! shrug

We had lots of fun on our adventure yesfurday! Today daddy and his friend left furry early, and it's just been us and mommy all day. Daddy still isn't home. (It's 8:49 p.m. PST on Sunday, just so you know!)

I hope we can get here tomorrow! blue dog


When you're- chocolate, life- is sweet!
Purred: Mon Jun 26, '17 4:41pm PST 
wave Good morning, everyfur! This morning the Dogster Door was open and we got here just fine! I wasn't sure I could get to the kitchen, so I brought donuts! laugh out loud

It's foggy and cool at our house, 62* and won't get much warmer. Daddy came home all red last night! eek He says he'll be glad to be out of the sun today! laugh out loud Mommy got her laundry done, now we're all just taking it easy! puppy puppy

Jerry- (Sweet- Angel)

Purred: Mon Jun 26, '17 5:49pm PST 
applause We Love donuts anytime Hershey hi5 We didn't stop by yesterday just wanted a D/C break from all the madness MOL!! Glad you all had fun hi5 That's a great picture on FB of you and your Pawent's Hershey dancing
The morning yesterday and today was cool! But warmer weather on the way hi5 We have sun and some clouds today also thinking laugh out loud
Mommy is doing some cat and doggie laundry, blankies happy dance
The boys were here for a hour and Oh My!! Evan was so naughty eek eek Mommy is glad she isn't babysitting any more relieved She loves them but it was chaos!!
Their mom went to the store and was couponing but we aren't watching all 3 for some time again. Evan needs some manners hi5
Like that will happen anytime soon, right frown
have a super Pawsome day dancing big hug


When you're- chocolate, life- is sweet!
Purred: Mon Jun 26, '17 11:03pm PST 
I've been waiting fur the Dogster door to open again so I could reply, and now I furgot what I wanted to bark! big laughbig laughbig laugh

It's good that your mommy doesn't have to raise the grandsons! Although, if she did, they might have better manners. thinking We know you love them lots, but shorter visits are best. big hug

Tinkerbell- Dreamette#14

Purred: Tue Jun 27, '17 3:01pm PST 
laugh out loud laugh out loud applause applause big laugh big laugh big laugh I hear you Hershey! Mommy furgets too laugh out loud Yes shorter visits are best hi5
Today is such a beautiful sunny one cheer 66 and could get near mid 70's dancing
Mommy is still working on the cat and doggie laundry relieved Then tomorrow is cat beds cheer
We could get rain later in the week shrug But it does the plants and yards good!!
Have a great and fun day cat on moon


When you're- chocolate, life- is sweet!
Purred: Tue Jun 27, '17 4:22pm PST 
blue dog Woof, Tink! We woke up to clouds and fog and drizzle. It isn't likely to get furry warm here today. Tonight after daddy's din-din we're going to go meet a lady who might be taking care of us when mommy and daddy go to visit daddy's mommy later in the year. The house where we used to do sleepovfurs isn't there anymore. shrug Mommy hopes we make a good impression! If the lady likes us, we'll spend just the day with her tomorrow while mommy and daddy go watch daddy's Giants lose...er, play another game. big grin

I made us some breakfast sammies! dancing

Walker- (Angel Boy)

Purred: Wed Jun 28, '17 3:19pm PST 
applause Thank You Hershey applause I love this!! hi5 I hope you and Winkie make a great impression on the new lady hi5 It will be fun applause An adventure BOL!! You boys stay out of the trash!! laugh out loud big hug
Today is a mix of clouds and sun in the 70's with a chance for rain or storms later today thinking Mommy watered the flowers this morning anyway big grin
Have a fun filled day all and you two boys just be yourselves dancing I wish we all lived closer and mommy could take care of you two hi5 big hug

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