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Hershey's Place -- Good Food, Good Times, Good Furiends

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Running Water
Purred: Fri Sep 23, '16 5:59pm PST 
hug big hug Many, many prayer's, wag's and purr's sweet heart for Lucian and Abby and their wonderful mommy big hug hug Take a deep breath and pray big hug
Platelicker, Hershey, Winkie and Abby and Lucian have a beautiful, peaceful evening/night dancing Sheri, you can get through this, you can big hug We are all her for you kissing

Nelly ~ Bell- ~ May Angel- Girl

Cat Of Many- Colors
Purred: Sat Sep 24, '16 7:26am PST 
cheer Good morning to all cheer Not much going on cheer Have a wonderful day cheer

Van Winkle

Call Me Winkie!
Purred: Sat Sep 24, '16 3:49pm PST 
blue dog Woof, everyfur!!

hughughug We're pawraying fur Lucian and mommy! hughughug I'm sure the meds will keep his heart beating right, just like the shots fix his Addison's. I have a broken part in me, too, and have a pill I take evfurry day. It's fine, it comes inside a yummy treat! Hershey is jealous! laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud

I'm feeling fine after my cuttings and stitchies. Mommy will call in two sleeps about my bump. dancing


Running Water
Purred: Sat Sep 24, '16 4:50pm PST 
cheer Mommy and burned some and are back in, had to watch The incredible Hulk on Metv MOL!!
Hope all have had a great day and have a great evening cheer big hug


When you're- chocolate, life- is sweet!
Purred: Sat Sep 24, '16 5:25pm PST 
laugh out loud Em! Daddy's been at church since after lunch, he's drumming this weekend. Mommy's watching old movies on TV! It got warm here today, 78*!! Mommy had windows open! dancing

Tinkerbell- Dreamette#14

Purred: Sun Sep 25, '16 10:56am PST 
cheer mommy has been sending out my thank yous cheer Its my 7th Birthday party
So we will be late to Church, good thing they repeat big hug
Its a beautiful sunny day dancing Have a great one dancing


When you're- chocolate, life- is sweet!
Purred: Sun Sep 25, '16 4:07pm PST 

Happy Purrday, Tink!!!


Dogster didn't tell us!! Hershey's Place is still closed so I can't bake, but we got you this cake at the bakery.

And we got you a pressie I hope you're having a purrfect day!!

It's hot at our house today, 94*!!! Mommy has all kinds of windows open. happy dancehappy dance

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