Question of the Week - July 26, 2009

Callie (Mar- 1965 - March 1984)

Feisty Lady
Purred: Sun Jul 26, '09 5:50am PST 
What is your favorite activity or game?

I love to hunt and I like attacking the ankles of my human family members. dancing


I Am the Queen
Purred: Sun Jul 26, '09 7:12am PST 
What I love most in the world is when mommie puts my harness
on and takes me outside. Eating the grass, feeling the coolness of
the grass on my belly, watching the bugs and birds in person
instead of thru a window.
My next favorite thing is being taken out in my stroller.
OMC......I gotta go find mommie and do some begging to go out.

Callie Rose

I See You
Purred: Mon Sep 7, '09 4:32am PST 
Playing catch the ball with mommy she throw it and I will go get itand bring it and drop it at her feet