Squeaky Fuzzy Toy of the Day

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Zaidie r in da- howse!
Purred: Wed Nov 11, '09 8:04pm PST 
wave Hi, e'vybuddy!! Jus' fur da wecord, my gween kitty Cuz r still mt favouritest (an' W-O-U-D-E-S-T) toy!!! Momma wuvs it - BOL!!!big laugh

Sophie Bean- Schnoodle

Schnoodles Rule!
Purred: Fri Dec 4, '09 4:42pm PST 
Those loud or talking toys always make my Daddy go bonkers, that is why I like em, BOL!
laugh out loud

Today as always my favorite toy is my green zanie man. Mommy says it needs a bath but I don't want mr green man to be clean. I worked very hard on getting him dirty and stinky.

Play on friends! snoopy


Zaidie r in da- howse!
Purred: Thu Dec 10, '09 10:46am PST 
I r still all about da gween kitty Cuz cuz (BOL!!) him r BERY WOUD an' I can carry him by da tail wif my teef! When Momma or Dadda frows gween kitty Cuz, him bounce ALL OBER DA PWACE!! I hope Santa bwings me more Cuz toys fur Chwistmus!! Dem r da Bestest Toys Eber!!! cheercheercheer

Sophie Bean- Schnoodle

Schnoodles Rule!
Purred: Sat Dec 12, '09 11:20am PST 
snoopysnoopysnoopy SOPHIE BEAN DOES A HAPPY DANCEsnoopysnoopysnoopy

I have a new favorite toy! Mommy says it is a Christmas miracle. I have not had a brand new favorite toy in over a year! It is a red & green squeaky bone that was given to me by my Dogster friend, Muffin. From the moment Mommy gave it to me I wuved it. I made Mommy play the "chase me" game with it. I hold it in my mouth and Mommy chases me. This is usually a game reserved for Daddy but I could not contain myself. I only play the "chase me" game with my very favorite stuffies. Not just any stuffie will do. I am so butt wiggling happy about my new toy!!!!!


Play with me!!
Purred: Tue Dec 22, '09 5:29pm PST 
I have a pawsome new toy as well, Muffin sent me a rope toy with a knot as big as cantaloupe! Daddy laughed and said I am going to hurt them when I shake this toy!

Suzie Q

Wag More, Bark- Less
Purred: Thu Dec 24, '09 4:26am PST 
I like to play with Sophie Bean's favorite bone shaped squeaker fuzzy toy. Sophie is very upset that I broke the squeaker. Mommy has been looking everywhere to find another one to give to Sophie.
Sorry Sophie, but I hear when you were four months you broke, tore and shredded all of Sadie Boo and Stormy's toys. You were naughty too!


Purred: Sat Apr 10, '10 12:00pm PST 
Everyone has great toys.. I must get one of those beanie toys. I destroy everything. It is the terrier in me..I destroyed my teddy bear tug..he was gutted and I still drag him through the house. I have a kong binkie (for us little guys) and I have yet to destroy that or my Tuff Tuff bone. But give me some time as I will wear it down with my tiny but deadly (to toys only) terrible terrier teeth ya ha ha...

Betsy, The- Farm Dog

Purred: Sun Jun 13, '10 12:54pm PST 
The Cat in the Bag is my new favorite toy...you can see me play with it at http://www.bestfriendsgeneralstore.com/dog_toy_products_p/MP16110/Ca t+In+A+Bag+Motorized+Ball

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