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Suzie Q Of- Denville
Purred: Wed Jul 8, '09 8:27pm PST 
My name is Sara. I adopted Suzie our now 3 year old GS mix a year ago from 11th hour rescue. About a year before Suzie came home we ended up losing our beloved dogs bear and willow to cancer and old age. I felt like there was a huge hole in my heart . Then I started looking for volunteering opportunity at local shelters. Patty from 11th hour rescue was the 1st one to call me back so I jumped on the band wagon.

The first time I saw Suzie was at adoption day . My job while I was there was to help people fill out paper work ( the most boring but practical part of the adoption process.)

Every now and then I'd look at Suzie in her crate. She just waged her tail as people passed her by. I reached through the bars to pet her . Her big brown eyes and the way her coat felt brought a tear to my eye . Everything about her reminded me of my GS bear it brought a tear to my eye. There was one other thing she did that day that I will never forget. When everybody was packing up the dogs that were left Suzie jumped on the table . I knew from that day on I had to do everything in my power to convince my parents we needed another dog.
By my second adoption day I had convinced my parents to let me forester her. My b/f and I walked her around pet smart to the scorer field . The sun was shining but the weather was perfect. My b/f ran around with her to get some of her energy out so the trip home wouldn’t be to stressful . She loved it so much she found a spot to roll around in.
After having her home for 2 weeks we just couldn’t give her up. Since then she’s bought such sunshine to our lives .