Canadian Trivia

Callie Rose

I See You
Purred: Wed Jul 1, '09 6:47am PST 

How tall is the CN Tower?

How tall is the tallest mountain in the Canadian
How many people live in Canada?
Why is there a maple leaf on our flag?
How old is Canada?
Is Canada a big country?
What is the biggest city in Canada?
What is Canada's longest river?
Who was Canada's first Prime Minister?

Who is Canada's Prime Minister now?
Who were the first people to live in Canada?
Which province is the biggest in Canada?
Which is the smallest province in Canada?
How cold does it get in Canada?
What are igloos?
What is the biggest waterfall in Canada?
How many Stanley Cups have the Edmonton Oilers won?
Where is Wayne Gretzky from?
How many people live in Edmonton?
Where did Canada get its name?

Abbie- McFlooferson

I not fat!! I- fluffy!!
Purred: Fri Jul 3, '09 2:18am PST 
I have question!! Do we type answers here? I know Mummy know the answers, but I not know them - I only 1!! But if answers typed here, it spoiled for other kitties!

Callie Rose

I See You
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Pawmail the answers Please and Thanks you

Abbie- McFlooferson

I not fat!! I- fluffy!!
Purred: Sat Jul 4, '09 6:12pm PST 
Well, this is a kids' quiz and Mummy not a kid. I not know answers because I only 1 year old. Heidi 2 years old but she not care about Canadian trivia because it not involve food. Maybe other kitties want to try!

Callie Rose

I See You
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What are Canada two national sports ?
a) Ice Hockey
b)Baseball & Tennis
c) Basketball Lacrosse
D) Lacrosse, Ice Hockey

How many lakes are there in Canada?

A> Unknown
b. 500 thousand
c. million
d. 5 million

that just the first 2