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The Kitty Bistro - Breakfast, Fine Nipz, Dining, and time with Furriends!

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♥- Angel Merlin- ♥

Zzzzzzzz ...- food ...- zzzzzzzzz
Purred: Thu Aug 25, '16 8:51pm PST 
Meowlo Furriends hug

thank you Sassy and Pepper flowers for putting on this yummy Memorial Meal for me ~ it was most unexpected and it's taken me several days to fly down from the Bridge to be with you all, maybe for the last time confused

nobody knows whether Catster is closing down forever ...

to date, I haven't had time to go exploring as I've been too bewildered by what happened to me eek

but for all my Furriends still on Earth, My Golden EyesThank You from above

and to my Angel Friends, eventually we'll have fun, jumping from cloud to cloud and playing like we used to, and being norty, of course wink

for those of you who left kind messages, made Memorial photos, and posted such touching poems, Thank You

Angel and Mum are missing me so much and I'm missing them cry but I know that one day we'll all meet again; even Mason is subdued and wonders where I've gone;

but after we all sit quietly for a while, remembering the good times, I'll fly back to the Bridge and leave you all with this memory, Me in my favourite place

love to all,

Thank You

Merlin cat on moon

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Platelicker - ♥- DB#69

Platelicker- Prowlin's
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Merlin big hug

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