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The Kitty Bistro - Breakfast, Fine Nipz, Dining, and time with Furriends!

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♥- Merlin- ♥

Zzzzzzzz ...- food ...- zzzzzzzzz
Purred: Thu Jul 7, '16 11:42pm PST 
eat up, sweet Zephyr ~ there are no calories in anything that Angel Kits eat meditate

it's so good to see that all our good Furriends are here wave

Milo, my man, you and I have similar health problems confused Mum feels like force-feeding me but she knows that is impossible confused

maybe some of our other Friends will be tempted these Baked Lobsters

or these Lollipop Lamb Chops

and for afters, there's this Rainbow Tower Cup Cakes

Enjoy cat on moon

♥- Mason- ♥

Slinky, soft,- smoochy, snaky, - that's me
Purred: Fri Jul 8, '16 12:05am PST 
Meowlo Furriends flowers

Zephyr, sweet Angel, this is for you rainbow

God's Garden

sad purrs and gentle huggss,

Mason cry


Bluest Eyes In- TEXAS
Purred: Fri Jul 8, '16 10:30am PST 
wave Mason, Merlin doodz!! Uh yeah I know, mom swaddlez me in towel but I still hard to deal wif. Ya see I ain't really eatin' mush 'n I can't chew my kibble, I had toofie surgeriez on bof sidez 'n dey hurt. I got antibioticz 'n new pain med, coz da first un made me sick. Hada got to ER last Caturday. Mom waz so worried.

Sweetie Zephyr, ya can haz alla da Sno Conez ya wantz, all flavorz too!! We love ya so mush! flowersbig hug

Mmmm Cold Watermelonz

Sharin' da LOVE


I Love My Mummy!
Purred: Mon Jul 11, '16 6:38am PST 
*comes in slowly, takes a watermelon drink from Milo and sips it, with tears in her eyes, looking around the beloved Bistro*


Time For Bed- Yet?
Purred: Mon Jul 11, '16 6:40am PST 
*sadly picks up a piece of baked lobster, puts a paw around Merlin*
I guess this is goodbye to the Bistro.


Purred: Mon Jul 11, '16 8:55am PST 
Rockefeller enters the Kitty Bistro and puts his paws around them and wishes each and effurryone for better times to come.

Rockefeller leads all his furriends in prayer for Zephyr and all the TKC furriends that have gone to the bridge.

Guess this is the final goodby to TKC and Catster but we all know that we will someday meet again.

Purrs and Luvs to all my furriends! hughughug

Rockefeller wave


Yes! I am a- BratCat!
Purred: Mon Jul 11, '16 9:08am PST 
*Sassy and Pepper come in the Bistro very sad*

We wanted to say a last goodbye to all our special and cherished friends, both Angels and those still on earth.
We had such good times in the Bistro. We have so many memories of the times spent together, both happy and sad. Even though we won't be able to meet at the Bistro again, we will cherish those memories forever.

Goodbye friends, until we all meet again.
Love to all and big hugs. hug hug hug
Sassy and Pepper

Hannah♥- Gonna Miss- Catster

My Heart Is True
Purred: Mon Jul 11, '16 3:37pm PST 
I also wanted to say farewell. I know I was not here often enough, but the fun times I have shared with many of you will always be cherished memories. Thank you Twixy for TKC.

Love and purrs to all~
Hannah & the Texas Wild Bunchhug

Twix- (Forever- Missed)

Mrs. Chinacat - Alfie's Wifey -
Purred: Mon Jul 25, '16 6:58pm PST 

Message Body:

I don't know if anyone will see this.. I just want to say goodbye to everyone here. It's going to be so hard losing TKC. I will treasure the memories that we made, especially all the wonderful friendships. If you'd like to stay in touch, my email is You can find me on Facebook, too, at Rebecca Clare (Horner). Thank you all for being apart of this group and for all the great times.

Goodbye, Catsters...
~Twixy & Mom Rebecca

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