Callie (Mar- 1965 - March 1984)

Feisty Lady
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Hi everyone! My name is Callie and I'm an angel at Rainbow Bridge. You can call me a vintage angel because I was born in 1965 and came to the Bridge in 1983, so I've been floating around up here for quite awhile. laugh out loud

I was my mommy's first kitty ever and a feisty and independent calico with lots of attitude -- something another calico I know calls *calitude*.

little angel

Callie Rose

I See You
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I`m Callie Rose i got the Rose because there so many Callie out there mom wanted to know which one they was talking about i`m marry no my husband not calico he black and 2 made believe children hehe I have a sister Goldie she fun to play with i love her those mom wonder at time Hehe


Bug eyes, run &- hide
Purred: Tue Jun 23, '09 7:02am PST name is.................................Cali!! I am an indoor girl and Mama calls me her little scaredy cat. I get along with all my siblings who go in and outside. I NEVER go outside, cuz it's scarey out there. Mama says I'm sweet and funny. I love to eat and play, but when company comes to the house I head for the bedroom to hide cuz company scares me! I love my Mama and my Daddy too, although he makes me nervous sometimes. Mama & Daddy rescued me from a friend who lives out in the country and I am the only survivng member of my birth family. Mama says she's thankful that Daddy let her bring me home.

Cali Now an- Angel

Don't disturb- me, I'm napping!
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Hi I am, yes, Calilaugh out loud. I was abandoned on my now Mommy's door mat in AZ at 2 weeks of age. And tho I purrfur to be left to myself I rule all of the Humans and animals in the house. (Of course)! I now live in south La.

GEAUX LSU!cheercheercheer

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Hi! I'm Cali,too! I live with Dad & Tigger in Orlando,Fl. My Catster page # is 990904.I like Catnip & bringing lizards into the house & letting them go. glad to meet you other Calis, Callies etc.!happy dance


I Am the Queen
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Hello everyone,

Nice to meet all of u. As u may have guessed, I'm Kallie. I never
realized there was so many of us. When my Mom named me she made a joke about her lack of originality. But, we calicos, especially we Kallies' are special.

I live with my Mom in Pa. with my brother Joey. He was found in the yard as a 4 week old, and I was adopted from the Humane Society as an 8 week old kitten. I was already 3 yrs old when he was found, so he thinks I hung the moon and the stars. And he's right..

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Callie (Mar- 1965 - March 1984)

Feisty Lady
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MOL laugh out loudlaugh out loud

Welcome Kallie!