BIRTHDAYS! Please tell us your birthday.

Callie (Mar- 1965 - March 1984)

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We all love to celebrate birthdays with our friends. Please tell us your birthday and let us celebrate your special day with you.

If you don't know your birthday, you can celebrate your Gotcha Day (the day you were adopted) or have your mommy pick a birthday for you!


Callie Rose

I See You
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L:et me begin my birthday is June 13 ,2006


Bug eyes, run &- hide
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My birthday is April 15th, 2005.

♥Call- eigh♥

Single- Girl!
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July 1st

Cali Now an- Angel

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July 2, 2003.

Wow, I'm fixing to be 6shocklaugh out loud


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Happy belated birthday,Cali! I'm Cali,too! I just joined.My birthday is August 1st.Or so my Dad says.Nobody really knows.It's as good a day as any.

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Callie Rose

I See You
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Please all Callie`s please list your birthday here


I Am the Queen
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Hi, and of course I'm Kallie. I'm a new member and my BD is Sept 4, 2004