I was just diagnosed with HyperT yesterday

Senna (1994 - 2014)

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I was just diagnosed with Hyper t yesterday...I get to start a medicine today. I think I get half a pill twice a day. I am not a good piller...but my v-e-t (Dr Nancy) wants me to try the pill first.

I have to get surgery for a tumor in my mouth in 10 days, but first the thyroid needs to be better. Dr. Nancy said that the pills work faster than the gel, and we need to get this THINGY out of my mouth...so pills it is for the time being. Then I can switch to the gel.

We are all moving in a month - close to a university that does the radioactive iodine treatment. IF my tumor turns out to be cancer...then I am not sure what we will do. If it is a noncancerous tumor, then we are gonna go for the radioactive iodine treatment.

It sucks getting old(er).

Senna, age 15


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Good luck, Sienna! Please keep us posted on how you're doing!