Guido and Martha Stewart??

Guido the- Italian- Kitty db 115

Life is- CATZOWEY!
Purred: Sat May 23, '09 9:29pm PST 
Yep uh huh, me and myself is in #1 spot fur da Martha Stewart "Party Animals" foto contest and it ends on Monday May 25th So please look fur me hugging my birthday PURResent box - you canta miss me cuz Ima on top of my birthday PURResent box and not letting it go.

Here's da link to vote - justa looksa fur me and double click on my foto - I mighta be on pg 88 and if not, press NEXT cuz youza will find me huggin my Birthday PURResent gift box and you'll see why itsa imPURRtant to me tooza win dis contest, onna behalf ofs all da animals. Ciao & Meow! ctrl:id=window.default.ContestWindow&ctrl:type=render&ctrl:windowsta te=normal&op=mpics&user=1083939&ccomm=36428&offset=704