FIV & more infections?

Salvador- Dali

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Purred: Wed May 20, '09 12:59am PST 
Do your FIV+ kitties have more infections? Our vet said our cat could potentially live to a ripe old age? is that true? He's young! & There is no way I'm giving up on him! He now has a yeast ear infection.... & gets 3 drops in each ear 2 times per day. He hates this!

I was just wondering how old everyone's FIV+ cats are.... and general health (past, present, expected future health.)

Of course, If I had major concerns we would consult our vet.

Just curious... Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Purred: Wed Oct 7, '09 11:05pm PST 
My mommy and daddy keep an extra close watch on me because of my FIV, and so far we have had no major problems. I did develop crystals in my urine, but that could happen to any male cat and they brought me to the vet less than 48 hours after it developed, so my special diet took care of that problem. Over all, no real problems so far, and they've had me for awhile now! Just always keep a close eye on your baby to make sure any problems that do develop are aggressively treated at an early stage and there shouldn't be too much fuss hopefully.