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tiny gumdrop
Purred: Tue May 5, '09 10:30am PST 
Money is needed, and quickly. There may be folks who want to help with vet bills directly. I can get the vet's information for you.
Aldo's mom has a paypal account
Checks are fine too.

Aldo was rescued May 20th, 2008 thanks to the hard work of Catsters! He moved from Tampa to Baltimore. But lately he's been sick. The bills are too much now that his mom is unemployed. (Noelle was rescued and now lives in Albuquerque. When Noelle's mom lost a job, it was Catsters and Dogsters who pitched in to help the family.) We're hoping the same can be done for Aldo's family.

Aldo's mom has a paypal account, and she does not mind her snail mail address being given out privately.

In addition to Aldo's vet bills, feeding 7 cats is becoming difficult. She is job-hunting. Also looking into help with vet bills using the lists we have on Catster. Care Credit now has a high interest rate, so she can't go that way.

All ideas are welcome.
The anniversary of the Rescue is in just over 2 weeks.

The vet gave Aldo a shot, thinking that he has an allergy because he is removing all the new fur from his legs/paws.
Then they gave meds for the vomiting, but it's not working. She's spent $300 to date and Aldo goes back to the vet for followup soon. If he is still vomiting they will want to do an x-ray and see if there is a blockage. She cannot afford x-rays.