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Purred: Mon Apr 6, '09 5:15am PST 
My name is Blue. I am new, so I want to introduce myself. I live with my mom who adopted me August 31, 2006. My mom is a teacher, and we live with her mom and dad and their golden retriever, dog Dover. When mom is working, my grandpa dn grandma spoil me, and I get to show Dover who is boss, meblue dog! I enjoy running, digging, snuggling on one of my beds, chewing, walking with mom, biting Dover, and fussing with my grandpa. This is the perfect group for me, because everyone falls in love with my blue eyes! I look forward to hearing from all you huskies!

Blueblue dog


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OMD I had a golden brother.....I have some border collie in me so I would herd him around like a sheep even though he was bigger then me....It' very nice to meet you Blue.....wavewavewavewavewavewave


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Nice to meet ya Blue. I'm very new to this site and group. I like chasing squirrels and LOVE playing with humans and dogs. Sometimes I may have the attention span of a goldfish, but its all in good fun. Love meeting fellow huskies. smile