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Since most all of you are familiar with the quirky systems of us siamese (or the siamese related... LOL)

Do any of yous guys ever find bald spots on your usually beautiful coats?

Mommeh finks I am lickking or chewing my left arm bald... And she wants some advice on the subject...

P.S. She has never SEEN me do this. She just knows I have a very thin patch of fur on my leg between my wrist and elbow.

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That is one of the few quirks I don't have. Are you upset about anything?


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I have never had that problem Mocha! Could be nerves like Frankie said; although I'm a nervous wreck but it shows up in me in different ways. Do you think it could be allergies? You're still awfully young and you may have come in contact with something you are allergice to?thinking My sister, Kugyani wasn't a Siamese, but she would chew and dig til she had sores. It was allergies causing her problem. Is mom taking you to the vet to check it out? Kugyani did need medication. So keep us posted please!

Hugs and Purrs,

Mocha Latte

Handsome and- Charming Too!
Purred: Fri Apr 10, '09 5:31pm PST 
An update...

I guess I have asthma. *shrugs* Mommeh has thought I did since I was just a little kitten with weezles and sneezles.

Anyhow, da vet finks dat I am over grooming the spot on my arm because it is something to do when my chest hurts me.

*shrugs more*

I don't know...

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Our Cousin Clawber has this problem too cos he would stress out. I only hope he's not doing it worse now that he's sick again. I have done the same thing. I have to take what Meowmie jokingly calls my wacky pills cos I've had the over licking problem cos I was stressing out. Furtunatly the pills help me not do so I stress out in other ways by catfitting. Siamese style of course. Mewr Meowmie might see if there's something mew lie on or come in contact with a lot that mew over lick not long after encountering. I think my sisfur Daisy's tail gets itchy sometimes from banging against things and that's why she bites and licks it suddenly and fiercsomely.

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Hi Mocha!

I only have bald spots when I get the itchies (skin allergies) like I have right now. Other wise, I don't have bald spots. MOL I do have and always have had bald knees on my back feet! MOL I hope your meowmy finds out what is going on with you!


Mocha Latte

Handsome and- Charming Too!
Purred: Tue Apr 14, '09 8:40pm PST 

I am going BACK to the vet!

Since my other visit I have been anti social, whiney, I refuse to play...

And today I bit dad SO HARD that he bled and bled.

So mom is convinced my vet over looked SOMETHING that is making me cranky... And just not my normal happy self!

Thanks fur all your supports!!

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How are you feeling now Mocha, I never get bald spots but I get tummy aches really easy.


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Oh, little Brofur ~

I wish I had seen this sooner!! If nothing else, I could have "com-mis-er-ated!" I am so sad for you, and Pixel is looking furry droopy....


Well, here's the scoop: I had bad bald spots two summers in a row!!! I THINK, if you look back at my back (older) pictures, there are some in there; certainly some of me wearing shirts ~ which I had to do in order to be "required" to stop licking!!

Mama got furry scared!! Even the v-e-t couldn't figure it out. They gave her medicines for me, but they didn't help much ~ the shirts helped more. (You might have to wear long-sleeved pajamas!)


(Sorry for being silly....)

So anyway, the final conclusion was that I might be allergic to the anti-flea stuff, and that I probably was DEFINITELY allergic to single flea bites that I was getting from COMMUNING WITH NEMESIS ON EITHER SIDE OF OUR FRONT DOOR!!

Can you BELIEVE that???

But out of all that, I made really good friends with Jordan in Australia! He doesn't have much of any fur to START with, and he's got lotsa skin allergies!! But maybe you could look at his page, and maybe contact him?? Our mama had posted all over Catster 'bout me, and Jordan's responses were the best and most helpful. (*Nudges Pixel*) (We need to e-mail Jordan!)

Anyway, his Catster ID is 142521.

And we love you, little Bro'!

MacIntosh & Pixel