New Here :D and just wanting to know Am I or Aren't I?


Shane Bane The- Insane
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Hello!! I am new to this forumwave! My name is Shane, but my mom likes to call me "Shane Bane The Insane"...Not sure why but it could be because I play way too much and tend to get into trouble while doing it! I have been wondering what type of breed I am ever since I was a wee little kitten. My mom has read up on some websites describing Turkish Angora's and seems to think I could be one since most of the description matches me.

My coat is long, shiny, and always silky to the touch, my ears have tufts (sometimes my mom thinks I have horns because of my tufts....), my tail is long about the size of my body and fine furred, very light, and I also have the infamous "breetches" on my butt which my mom LOVES red face I am very active! And because of that I often get in trouble, sometimes I make things that are not suppose to be played with in to toys...Although I see no wrong in it my mom does. I can jump up to counters and tabletop with ease and grace, with out making a sound. I don't really meow so to speak..It is more of a high pitched attempt at a meow...I usually get the "Me" out and then a few seconds later I get the "Ow" out...My mom adores my meows because they are not the usual Meows of most cats. I absolutely love my mom and am often found snuggled under the covers with her....If her leg moves slightly away from mine I simply re situate so that my body is next to hers.

I'm not sure if I left anything out or not...I just hope someone will know what breed I possibly might be...Thank you for your help big grin


Shane Bane The- Insane
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big grin

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Hi, Shane! Sorry you haven't received any replies. You look like an Angora, but Meowmy's not an expert by any means. The long silky coat, tufts, etc. put you in the category IMHO. What has your vet had to say?

wink One way or the other, you're a beautiful boy!!! Let's be furriends!



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It sounds to me like you are a Turkish Angora. The tail really sells it for me and my owner. My own tail grew faster than my body when I was a kitten! She thought I was part squirrel! Either way your very handsome. I wouldn't mind cuddling up for a nap with you.


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Hi Shane,
You are a turk for sure! My tail is as long as my body. I have fine fur too. I steal potatoes and put them all over the house.