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Black cats and dogs are often the hardest pets for shelters and rescues to find homes for just because of the color of there fur. Lucky for our kitties they have homes but so many don't and will never find one, being passed up for a cute calico or a flashy siamese. For these reasons I invite everyone to tell there black kitties adoption stories. Anyone who has a black kitty they are trying to adopt out is also welcome to write about there adoptable baby too.

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I WAS one of those hard to place kittens! There were 5 of us, all black. We were very lucky to be in a foster home, where we received the care we needed. My sister Cassie was the only one who was adopted. Then 2 of my siblings passed away from FIP. Nobody was interested in my brother or myself, so my foster mother kept us both! It means she can't foster anymore, because we probably carry FIP, but at least we have a permanent home. Purrs!


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Lady came to me when she was 3 weeks old. she was so tiny and her head was as big as the rest of her! I was walking around campus waiting for my next class to start when a girl from one of my classes walked up and asked if i wanted a kitten that had been abandoned down the street from her house. The weird thing was I had been debating it for about a month and had just decided that I did infact want a kitten. She said it was black and that she had asked quite a few people and they all wanted a kitten but wouldnt take her because she was black. I had had a black cat before and it had some serious issues. It got all the love and care I could give but still hated people... one night it never came home. I was reluctant to concider this new kitten, but then decided that the coloring had nothing to do with the personality and that weekend I brought her home. What a blessing she was! She loved me from the very first day. Anytime I was home she was sitting on my lap, or snuggled in the nook of my arm while I read. She is now 11 months old and still sleeps on my tummy (it sounds cute but it can be bittersweetwink ). She is one of the best cats I have ever owned and I think her black coat is so elegant. It is the reason that i named her Lady. I am looking now for a collar for her that looks like diamonds because she is so long and slender i think it would be perfect!


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I was at the SPCA at the beginning of kitten season, which is really not a good time to be an adult black cat. There were a few people who took me out to look at me, but they always wound up adopting a non-black cat (usually a kitten). I got a cold once, so I had to spend some time in a special room where no one could see me to adopt me. Then they put me back with the other kitties, but no one was interested in taking me home. After a few days I started to get sick again. I was very worried about that because sometimes older kitties that get sick twice don't leave the shelter. Lucky for me, a nice lady saw me on Petfinder and she and her husband came in to adopt me. Now I live in a nice house with two other kitties and lots of toys.


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My mama cat is the one who found me & my three other siblings a home. We were homeless until mama be-friended our human mom. When mama cat felt it was safe she brought me & my siblings over to our human's house. Thanks to my mama cat, we are no longer homeless strays.


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Our mama cat (she's no longer with us) is the one who found us a home. My 3 siblings & me were homeless until mama cat be-friended our human mom. When mama cat felt it was safe she brought us kittens over to our human's house. Thanks to mama cat, we are no longer homeless strays.