tank a roo
Purred: Sat Feb 21, '09 6:53am PST 
hi there all my furends. my mom had an idea. she was thinking of a way to help shelters and foster homes for pups. well the idea is ya know how people all get together and send care pakages over seas to our troops? well she was thinking that we could do something like that. what would happen is once a month we could choose a shelter or a foster home and all us pups could send a care package to them. wether it be a toy,treats or even a dollar. think about if all of us did this once a month to a shelter or foster home how much we would be helping. there are 4 of us here and mom cant adopt a new pup and even if she did that would only be helping one dog. this way she could help out lots.
well anyhow its just an idea but please let me know what you all think,or if there is already something like it here on dogster please let us know. thanks for spending time to read. and as always hugs and kisses to all my pals. we may not pawmail you but we are always thinking of our pals and always try to keep up with your new pics,pages and diarys and we try write ya a little note of how much we enjoy them.again hugs and kisses to all from me,daff and moo.PLEASE PAW MAIL ME AND LET ME KNOW