Had you all heard of this service?


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There was an article in today's local paper about them...and they flew into our little town this week to pick up two kitties who were scheduled to be euthanized in animal shelters south of Tyler County (where we live)! They took two cats to take them to the Maine Coon Rescue Alliance in Austin, Texas! The following is some information about the pilot:
"I've been flying since I was 17, learning to fly at a small airport in Shelbyville, TN. I bought the airplane last April, a first time owner. I like using the plane to help others, so I volunteer with Angel Flight, another non-profit which provides free transportation to medical patients needing assistance." Professionally, Martin is an attorney with State Farm Insurance, working in State Fram's Austin Operations Center. "While I like helping people with the airplane, I have to admit helping animals is much more fun," Martin said!!!
Isn't that great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This organization has been making headlines - and doing a wonderful thing by helping transport animals!