weight of maine coon kittens


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Hi all Harry is six months old now.
What weight should a kitten of this age be


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I am not really sure.

I will tell you when I know.

I joined this group because I love Main Coons and all the others.big grin


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I am 5 months old and only weigh 5 lbs but my brother Finnegan weighs 7 lbs. I am getting very long though.

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MC kittens do not reach their full growth potential until 4 yrs of age. Harry might start off slow but trust me, he'll get there. Enjoy every day you have with him. They are the best furrbabies!!!!

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My Annie says the same thing! cheercloud 9happy dancekitty


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My Kitten Minera is 6 Months now and she weighes 2.8 kg. ( .4 kg heavier than my 11 month old british shorthair ) They vet said that this was an ideal size for her smile


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heres a good little tid bit on their growth and development.
its weird because this is the second thread ive seen today about the weight of a kitten -
to be honest if youre worried about the weight id wait until they are closer to 1 year of age.
Mowgli is 10 months old and though I cant be certain of his exact weight at the moment it took him to about 8-9 months to really start looking more "chunky"..

however its spring now and alot of his fluff seems to be gone with the warm weather so hes a bit more steamline now ^^