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Purred: Sun Feb 1, '09 4:55am PST 
My names is lilly im new to this site but i just wanted to stop by and say a big mmmmeeeeeeoooooowwwww to u all
also a paw press and nuffle nose

Sir Lancelot- (Rest in- Heavenl

MerryChristmasDo- gsters&Catsters~- MCDC
Purred: Mon Nov 9, '09 5:32pm PST 

H i also from me!!! kitty and my fur brother St Nickolas. snoopy We are out on an 'EXPEDITION' puppy kitty to DISCOVER NEW and EXCITING WORLDS!!! We have been looking around to find NEW furiends that we have not met before and see if we can join other groups and invite them to our group as well. Rather than doing the same old thing.

It's just me kitty and my puppy brother and we want new members in our group and we would like to help you with your group too. Let us know if you would like to do this.