SENDING P.O.P ...Power of Paw for pups and peeps in need

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We started this group not only to share ideas about all things dog , but to be there for each other as a SUPPORT group ....a shoulder to cry on ....or whatever any pup needs hughug

This thread is for POP request . You can tell us as little or as much as you want . The request can be for you , your pawrents or anyone that you want to send POP to hughughug

You can tell us if you want pups to pray for you or just keep you in our thoughts .

We all are here for each other so don't be shy .

The policy here will be no pup will ask questions about the issue you are asking for POP . So please let's respect each others privacy . You tell what you want pups and peeps to know .


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hugThis is a lovely idea, Snowball.hug

♥- Tucker- ♥

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Oh pups - how timely this is! Thank you, Snowball smile May I be the first ......

If you pups could send a happy thought or a prayer out for our Pappa. Our Pappa (Mom's Dad) has recently been very ill and hospitalized several times over the past three months - he's also become somewhat forgetful. We love our Pappa - even when Mom mentions the word, "Pappa", we explode with happiness; because he's always been so very kind and loving to us. Pappa even calls us his "grandpups"!! smile Pappa has always loved animals.

When Pappa was healthy, he would come to our home and always bring us yummy treats - many of which Mom never lets us eat - She would tell Pappa, while laughing, "Why don't you just bring a bag of toxins over for the kids" - and Pappa always laughed. And we LOVED going over Pappa's house for Sunday dinners - all four of us pups with Mom - we always got yummy food and treats, and we loved watching the birds and squirrels from his condo's balcony while Mom and Pappa chatted. But what we really loved was, if Pappa was taking a nap when we arrived, all four of us would JUMP up on his bed and lick his face and run back and forth on the bed to wake Pappa up blue dogblue dog Pappa loved that, too smile

Mom tells us we're very lucky to have such a wonderful Pappa, and although he's 81 years old - we want to keep him around for more bed jumps and Sunday dinners snoopysnoopy

Tucker, Vayla, Joey and Max


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hugTucker, hugs, doggie smooches and prayers for your wonderful 9


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Tucker hughughughug

We will keep you in our thoughts and send you POP for your poppa hughug



Mom Mom
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hughughug prayers for your wonderful Pappa hughug


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You are lucky pups to have such a good Papa! He will be in my doggie prayers.


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One of our group members needs us all !!!!

Faccia Bella
is not doing well ! Please go by her page and say hello or send her a pmail wishing her well . We need to let her momma and family know that we are with them .
Thank you all !


Her good friend Davey wrote this in his diary

Faccia Bella Update Super Bowl Sunday

February 1st 2009 11:35 am

My girl has responded well to the Prednisone, and for a couple weeks made it much of the way back to her old self.... Even made it back to her old stomping grounds at the Blackwell Dog park a few times, one time she went into the park, the others she was walked on a leash outside so she could smell all the latest doggie news deposited along the fence line. And she took a nice walk through the neighborhood with my Man yesterday.

However... in the last several days, we're seeing signs that she's slipping again. She's started crying and pacing more, and had a few accidents in the house. She's had three unsettled nights in a row. The Lady did another consultation with Dr Ray on Friday, and she and my Man have discussed and tried a lot of adjustments to her routine. Still, me and Teddy can tell she's starting to fall back to where she was right after the New Year - when she isn't really herself some of the time. She even snapped at ME - THE Davey Dog - yesterday! My Facci would never do that! Me and Teddy were outside with her several times last night, guarding her while she paced and did her business.

We don't know how long FB has with us but it would not appear to be very long. And for sure, it won't be long enough... Thanks to all the pups and pup families who have passed on their prayers and good wishes - all that support helped Bella, and those who love her, a great deal.

Resigned sigh


Davey's diary 55759

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prayers for your pappa tuckerhug He sounds like a great guy! Do you have any updates on his condition? We sure hope hes getting better... awhhhh bella and family we are so sorry to hear that bella has slipped again.. we've followed along with her story and know you have been thru some heart breaking times with her.. you and your family will be in our thoughts and prayershughug

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We have our paws crossed and both Poppa and Faccia are in our prayers and we hope each feels better soon....hug

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