When is your pets birthday?


Cute and cuddley
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When is your pets birthday?partyparty

Autumn- "Adopted!"

Not summer or- spring, fall is- my thing!
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Autumn-My birthday is August 7th 2008! I like presents! Ooh, fish sounds good right now! No, maybe mice!

Peanut-My birthday is March 1st 2008! My parents are not exactly sure, but they just made it up for March 1st. They know its March, though. Party hats away!

Sassy-Mine is March 1st 2008, like my brofur, Peanut! Tuna, please?!

Cocoa-Mine is July 23rd 2008! I expect lots of pawresents, so send some to me! I'm spoiled!


Cute and cuddley
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I am Peanut's and Sassy's brother so my birthday is March 1 st 2008 too! partypartyparty


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I don't know my Birthday, but my adoption day was July 14th, 2008! My parents are thinking I am 1-2 years old, though. But they don't know my exact birthday!

By the way, I'm posting with Cocoa cuz' River isn't in this group yet, I'll add him in a minute.