just a long time coming ... an update

William- Wallace

Mrrrrrrooooooooo- oowwwwwwwwww
Purred: Wed Jan 7, '09 7:44am PST 
william wallace is doing AMAZINGLY!

he has grown humungormus! is happy and a HUGE suck. always sleeps with me right by my head.

loki is doing fabulous as well, i finally got her a great medicine that is doing wonders for her asthma, long term.

bast is as wonderful as ever, healthy, hale and hearty. she has even taken to zooming around, playing with the others.

assur is finally a somewhat friendly kitty. sleeps on the bed with everyone else, and she grooms wallace all the time.

pictures will be up soon


Professor- Duckworth
Purred: Wed Jan 7, '09 6:14pm PST 
Giz and I are so glad all you kitties are doing well!

Ele' - Elphaba- Harriott

Pink, please
Purred: Sun Jan 18, '09 5:13am PST 
OMC!!! WW, we were just wondering about you the other day!!!!! It's SO good to hear from you and know that you are doing well. Hope your mommy is doing well, also. Hugs to you both!!!