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Mom and me read about how some FeLV+ kitties take Colostrum and how it's mom's wondering if it would work in FIV+ kitties like me too. She wants to get me something that will boost my immune system and her vet recommended Moducare. We mentioned the Colostrum but she'd never heard of it...but said it was worth a try...
any FIV+ kitties take supplements? Mom & me wanna know! smile
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I have been asymtomatic for most of my diagnosed life. We questioned the vet after Mommy read something about Interferon (the same diagnosed humans take) being beneficial for asymtomatics. I guess it comes in little vials that can been added to my food that makes it a little bit salty but still tasty. The vet suggested that since I've been really healthy (cross my paws) not to tempt fate. But, that doesn't mean we could have gone against her and tried it. Just a suggestion. We've also read that there is a "triple cocktail" that I could take. We're just not ready for that, yet.

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I take Moducare!! I also take a Chinese herb called WEI QI Booster that comes from my vet! Mducare is available in capsules and it is best mixed with non animal protein type things like tuna water or maybe yogurt! or anything that you may like that isnt a complete animalprotein. I take the 1/3 of a capsule everyday as well as 2 teapills of WEI QI a day. It has shown that the Moducare which is a plant sterol helps to boost the immune sytem in humans, but is sometimes hard to find in the health food stores. If you have a full health food stoe with a pharmacy they should carry it.It is also available but not under Moducare name anymore at Drsfosterandsmith or onlynaturalpets. I have been put on Interferon 7 days on and 7 days off to support my other meds and control any chance of t cell growth. I dont mind the meds and when I started on the Moducare over a year ago, I started getting more strength and better body control and less seizure like times!!


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This is an old post I know, but I am hoping for some information....are there any alternatives to Amoxicillin that mama could buy easily (without a prescription) to have on hand for me? I've already been injured twice by my brofur and needed 2 prescriptions for it. We did get some extra from a vet tech but not a full prescription. Tonight mom found minor scratches on my ear and she gave me an Amoxicillin just to be safe. But it is difficult to always get this stuff, the vet tech she knows has moved away and she doesn't have the money to go to a vet. Can you recommend safe Amoxi alternatives for FIV kitties?