How did everyone find their Nebelung?

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Purred: Sun Jul 17, '11 5:13pm PST 
I rescued mine from a Siamese Rescue. They thought she was related to a Siamese they found her with, but looking at this breed I believe Peanut is Nebelung. She follows me around, and runs for cover when strangers come in the house, and she loves to eat paper, and candy wrappers. It's real fun when your sound alseep and you wake up to a cat chewing on a plastic bag or something.

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Purred: Tue Sep 13, '11 1:41am PST 
i found my Nebelung as a stray, he is a pure bread as far as i can tell, he has all the signs of one, and he is my special "big" little guy, he thinks he is smaller then he really is, he 2 years old now, we found him a few months before he turned 1 years old, me and my partner love him so much, he also has something so special about him that is unlike anthing cat i ever seen, he can pick up my anxiety attack, before it hits and he was never trained for this
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and i joined so i can meet other with this new breed, since i dont know much on him but what i read hamster dance


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Just wanted to reassure all you lovely Nebelungs- although Cora Cobb "invented" the breed and it is now TICA recognised, long haired Russian Blue variants are in fact naturally occuring. They happen when a Russian Blue mates with a cat which has a parent that is long haired. Cora's 2 were siblings that she bred and then added in others to deeped the gene pool. You may not have a pedigree paper but you'll know if you have a Nebelung. smile They're characterised by vocality, medium length double coated fur with an outer layer that is longer and fine, giving them a misty appearance. They are very attached to their families and hate to be left out! They're quite smart and trainable. They have long legs, long tails, long bodies and larger ears compared to head size.


Purred: Mon Jun 18, '12 4:29pm PST 
Our Nebelung found us! Someone must've dropped him off in the subdivision and he searched for someone to take him in. I remember hearing something meowing on the front porch, and I opened the door and he just ran in! Moofrier ran right to the food bowl. He must've been starving. frown But I'm very thankful my little Nebelung found me. I believe they're beautiful!!


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My son rescued issac from a shelter and gave him to me to keep me company, he's a great guy, and I love my issac with all my heart and he is a blessing to me.


Purred: Sun Sep 28, '14 3:27am PST 
I found Dutch at a small pet store. He was free with purchase of $40 of cat supplies. There was no way I could walk away.
He tends to love one person more than any other. It was my son until he grew up and moved away now it's me. He follows me like a dog would and likes to lay down by me. He is very very laid back. If we wanted to we could hang him upside down and he would purr. We could play him like an accordion and he would purr. But yet he strongly dislikes my dogs and can be very rude since he KNOWS the dogs are afraid of him. He will sit on the stairs and not let the dog go up. Won't growl or hiss, just sit there being intimidating. He does the same thing at the water dish.
We all love that cat so much even though he can be a jerk to the dogs smile

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