Hi, I'm new and on cheesy pills!

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Me and my- person, together- against all
Purred: Fri Nov 21, '08 9:40am PST 
This is Delyte. I was just diagnosed and my person isn't able to put me through the radioactivity procedure due to the distances involved, plus with 3 other kitties here and no place for quarantine I would have to be away from home too long. I am down to 10.3 pounds, much thinner than in my Catster picture, but I have been taking these cheesy balls twice a day since Monday and my person says I am looking better if not fatter. [His person says: The medicine is rolled into tiny balls of cheese spread which he loves. He comes to the kitchen every time a pill bottle is moved!]

We hate having me be sick and have to take pills but I survived a huge operation when I was 10 so my person thinks I should live as long as I can because every day since 6/25/05 has been an extra day!

Purrs to all kitties on the list and hope you all get better really soon!


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Hi, Delyte! I'm sorry for your diagnosis, but there are much worse things to have, for sure. Glad you are taking your pill so well! I can't have the iodine treatment either because my kidneys aren't the greatest, but the pill really isn't that bad. You'll be just fine! And your weight will stabilize once the pills kick in. That's how we knew I had hyper-t; I was eating ravenously but losing weight. But those pills will make your metabolism slow a bit, and all should be well. Good luck! Check in anytime. It'd be good to see some more action in this group--it's been quiet! ;-)

Delyte, Dark- Angel, at- Bridge

Me and my- person, together- against all
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This is Delyte. Should have checked in sooner but my person was busy for the holidays. The cheesy pills made me sick--not the cheese but the medicine. The vet said it was common for cats to get stomach troubles from thyroid medicine, and I have the world's most touchy stomach. The medicine to calm my stomach makes me sick to my stomach!

So now I am on the gel to rub on the ears. I really hate this, and the first few weeks have been hades--I hide when it's time and snarl and spit throughout the application. I am finally getting a little better, and my person has been giving me a treat afterwards. We had canned whipped cream in the house for the holidays and I LOVE that, so I will do anything for that. I am a little dumb and have a hard time connecting the reward with the deed, but I am starting to catch on.

I go to the vet's next week to get retested and weighed. My person thinks I have gained some weight and I am not pigging down the cat food as much and have been somewhat more playful, so we are hoping I am better. I will get my blood pressure tested then, too, but the trip to St. Louis for further tests is definitely off, as my person has fallen into financial problems, and the gel medicine is $120/month.

Purrs to you all and be well! wave

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Hi! My name is Racer and I'm 17 yrs old. I was diagnosed with hyper T a month ago and I'm undergoing medication. My vet prescribed the transdermal gel for me as I hate the pill. They tried giving me the pill, but I spit it out. My vet got blood and urine tests from me and she said my kidney and heartbeat is still good. However, she found out that I got anemia. So, my vet is asking mommy & daddy if they want me to have an x-ray which is $150 or ultra sound which is $600 to further see if there's something else is going on inside me. I'm already tired of going to the vet. I used to weight 15 lbs, but not my weight went down to half of it, though I still love to eat. My vet doesn't recommend the radiation for me because of my age.

I used to wrestle with my brother Rocky, but now I just want to rest.