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Ban the Deed - Not the Breed
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I am starting this thread to keep any of you that are interested updated on where BSL is being passed, proposed or repealled.

If you know of anything going on and I haven't posted it please feel free to do so!

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Ban the Deed - Not the Breed
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[BSL-UPDATES] Moses Lake to regulate pit bulls (WA)

Moses Lake to regulate pit bulls
Posted: Thursday, Nov 13, 2008 - 03:05:08 pm PST
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By Candice Boutilier
Herald staff writer

City declares animals hazardous

MOSES LAKE - Moses Lake City Council approved an ordinance declaring pit bulls hazardous dogs and amended an ordinance adding requirements to register any dog with the city.

The ordinance and ordinance amendment were passed on the first reading Tuesday night. The ordinance requires a second reading and approval from council to be a law. The next reading is scheduled for Nov. 25 at 7 p.m.

Mayor Ron Covey told the audience the council would not listen to any public testimony during the first reading. Council listened to public testimony at a previous meeting and gathered information from a committee created to suggest modifications to the ordinances. He said council will listen to public testimony about the issue at the Nov. 25 council meeting instead.

City Manager Joe Gavinski told council he wrote the ordinances after listening to council concerns during a past meeting.
Covey said since there is strong opposition to banning pit bulls, the city will become more rigid with enforcing regulation of the animals.

A hazardous dog includes any dog known to be a pit bull terrier breed including the American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier or the American Staffordshire Terrier, according to the ordinance.

A hazardous dog can include other dogs if it has a tendency to attack unprovoked or causes injury or endanger humans or other animals. The definition includes any dog that frequently snarls, growls, snaps, threatens or jumps at a person on public property.

The dog owner would be required to confine the dog in a secure enclosure and post signs indicating there is a hazardous dog, if the ordinance passes. The dog would be required to have a microchip installed and be spayed or neutered. The dog owner would be required to have a $250,000 insurance policy on the animal in case it harms someone.

It was previously proposed the dog owner be required to have a $250,000 surety bond but council chose to eliminate the requirement.

Councilmember Richard Pearce said he didn't think citizens would be able to obtain insurance for an animal if it's declared hazardous.

"It's a privilege, not a right to have a vicious animal," Councilmember James Liebrecht said.

He said it's unacceptable to have animals that could harm someone in the city.

Pearce said the committee is against including specific breeds in the ordinance because there are many kinds of dogs that can be dangerous and it would be difficult to enforce.

Covey said law enforcement needs guidelines so they can handle pit bulls and other hazardous dogs.

Police Chief Dean Mitchell said Moses Lake has a pit bull population much higher than other communities.

Whether there are regulations or not, police will deal with pit bulls everyday anyway, he said. He was not sure if adding more regulation would add more work for police.

Councilmember Brent Reese said he is against regulating a specific breed because many types of dogs can attack and not all pit bulls are violent.

"A bad dog is a bad dog," he said.

Liebrecht said he is concerned for the safety of police because they deal with pit bulls everyday.

Pearce motioned to approve the ordinance stating although he does not agree with all the stipulations in the ordinance, he wanted to allow public input at the next meeting on the issue. Liebrecht seconded the motion.

It passed 5-1 with Reese voting no.

Council approved an ordinance amendment increasing requirements to register all animals in the city after the first reading. It must be approved again to be adopted.

All dog owners would be required to submit a file containing information related to the animal when registering it at the Moses Lake Police Department, if the ordinance passes.

The file would include the dog's birth date, breed, name, statement of how the dog was obtained, when it was brought into the city and veterinary records. If applicable, the file would also contain enforcement action taken against the animal, animal shelter records, training records, temperance tests and obedience class information.

To register a dog that is not spayed or neutered, it would cost $150. The current cost is $30.

"I think it's too much," Councilmember Brent Reese said about the registration fee. "I don't see a lot of people paying that."

He said the fee is too high and sometimes people don't alter their dogs to breed them.

Covey said people sell puppies for much more than the annual fee.

Councilmember Bill Ecret said the fee acts as a deterrent to animal overpopulation in the city and at Grant County Animal Outreach.

"I think it's perfect," he said.

Ecret motioned to approve the ordinance amendment and Liebrecht seconded the motion.

The motion passed 5-1 with Reese voting against it due to the $150 registration fee.

Councilmember Dick Deane was absent from the meeting.

Covey encourages citizens to attend the next meeting when they discuss the hazardous dog ordinance and the animal control ordinance amendment again.

If citizens want to submit documents to be included in the agenda packet, they must be submitted to Executive Secretary Maxine Ivory at Moses Lake City Hall by Nov. 20. .13.08.txt

Polite and respectful correspondence can be sent to the city clerk via snail mail or fax but must receive it no later than November 20.

City Clerk
City of Moses Lake
P.O. Box 1579
321 S. Balsam Street
Moses Lake, WA 98837
Phone: (509) 766-9201
Fax: (509) 766-9392

Finally, the public can speak at the city council meeting on November 25, and you do not need to put yourself on the agenda ahead of time.

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Ban the Deed - Not the Breed
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BSL-UPDATES] POLL - Are pit bulls unfairly portrayed? PLEASE VOTE

The poll is out of Tulsa County, Oklahoma and is in response to a "pit bull" attack.

Please vote... the "no" votes have a huge lead.

Are Pit Bulls unfairly portrayed?
*It Depends on the individual dog =6abac206-932f-4d3a-a5a0-4b30a431e8df

Poll results so far

Yes (20.6%)
No (54.5%)
It depends on the individual dog (24.9%)

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Ban the Deed - Not the Breed
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AVON LAKE - City Council is reviewing an ordinance to allow only breed specific dogs to live in the community.

The possible change would prohibit vicious dogs such as pit bulls from being owned by residents, according to Mayor Karl Zuber.

"We are currently reviewing the ordinance and we have some upset residents who have witnessed or been apart of a vicious dog attacks," Zuber said. "We are working on writing a new legislation for the ordinance that would need a panel review."

According to Zuber, the problem is an appeals process is needed to make matters run smoothly. More than 50 concerned residents attended the council meeting, Zuber said.

He said he does not want to dictate what types of dogs are limited to living in the community, yet he wants to be fair to residents and keep the community safe.

A safety committee meeting will be held to discuss the issue in more detail.


Mayor Karl Zuber
Phone: 440.933.6141
Fax: 440.930.4107
Address: 150 Avon Belden Road, Avon Lake, Ohio 44012

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Ban the Deed - Not the Breed
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[BSL-UPDATES] **BSL PASSED** De Queen, Arkansas

De Queen puts ban on pit bulls within city limits
By: Jim Williamson - Texarkana Gazette - Published: 11/12/2008

The City Council recently approved an ordinance banning pit bull dogs within the city limits of De Queen, Ark.

Ordinance 949 prohibits keeping pit bull breeds in the city.

“We haven’t had anyone attacked, but people are fearful of the pit bull breed. The council has received complaints. The pit bulls get bad press sometimes,” said De Queen Mayor Billy Ray Kelvy.

The ordinance was unanimously passed at the regular council meeting Nov. 4.

Although the ordinance goes into effect immediately, penalties will not be enforced for 90 days. -puts-ban-on-pit-bulls-within-ci-96.php

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Ban the Deed - Not the Breed
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On Fri, 10/31/08, jan cooper wrote:

Permission to forward at will, everywhere!!


My name is Mitch Ruth; I am a Councilman for the City of Monroe. I need your
help in rallying those who may also be in opposition to breed specific laws.
Currently before the City Council of Monroe is a new ordinance which would
list the following breeds as "Potentially Dangerous";

· Akita
· American Pit Bull Terrier
· Cane Corso
· Dogo Argentino
· Dogue de Bordeaux
· Kuvasz
· Pit Bull Terrier
· Presa Carnario
· Staffordshire Bull Terrier
· Tosa Inu
· Or, any mix of dog which contains as an element of its breeding,
any of the afore mentioned breeds.

By ordinance, the definition of "potentially dangerous" would mean; "…any
dog which inflicts bites upon humans or domestic animal, or chases or
approaches a person upon the streets, sidewalks, or any public grounds in a
menacing fashion or apparent attitude of attack, or any dog with a known
propensity, tendency or disposition to attack unprovoked, to cause injury or
otherwise threaten the safety of humans or domestic animals. Potentially
dangerous dog also means any dog that is known by the owner or should be
reasonably be known by the owner to be an… [Insert above list of breeds]".

In other words, by owning a dog on this list, you understand that "it" has a
propensity for unprovoked attacks and is a danger to humans and domestic
animals. This law would be very similar to that of Auburn, Washington; which
in my opinion is the worst in our state, and one of the worst in the

This has come about because of several recent back to back incidents
involving one single irresponsible pit bull owner. I do not contest in any
way that decisive action is needed in these incidents. But to penalize every
innocent dog/dog owner on this list is unwarranted and unjust. I vigorously
oppose this law as proposed. But I am only one vote. I need your help, and
the help of others to prevent this from becoming the first step in a breed
specific ban. I have proposed that any reference to specific breeds be
stricken, and the individual behavior of the dog be sole the guiding factor
in determining whether a dog is potentially/ actually dangerous. I support
stiff penalties and strict liability for those dog owners whose
irresponsible actions threaten the public safety, or cause actual
harm/damage others and/or their property. This should be of concern to all
dog owners, not just the owners of those breeds who have arbitrarily and
capriciously made the above list. Unjust and unwarranted laws that trample
upon the rights of owners of specific dog breeds diminish the rights of all
dog owners.

Please spread the word. This is likely to become law within the next 30-45
days. Feel free to post this email anywhere it might help and to share my
contact information as well. I will share any/all emails and letters of
opposition with the entire council. Rather than allow this to fly under the
radar and be passed without public hearing or comment, I have demanded a
public hearing before this goes to the final vote of the council. I
encourage as many as possible to attend the public hearing. If attendance is
out of the question, please make your feelings known through emails and
phone calls. I will ensure that each and every email becomes a part of the
public record/testimony against the passage of this law. If you wish to
address the entire council in one email, please use; .

Mitch Ruth
City of Monroe, WA

I may be individually contacted via email at either my personal acct at; or at my city acct at;

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Ban the Deed - Not the Breed
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[BSL-UPDATES] **BSL PASSED** Pilot Grove, MO (8 breeds)

According to the city clerk, the following breeds are now considered "vicious breeds" in Pilot Grove, Missouri:

*American Pit Bull Terrier
*American Staffordshire Terrier
*Bull Terrier
*Staffordshire Terrier
*Doberman Pinscher
*Chow Chow
*A Chinese fighting breed (Clerk could not pronounce the name of the breed)

A violent dog ordinance is now in effect in Pilot Grove, Missouri after the council’s unanimous approval at last Wednesday’s meeting.

Under the new ordinance, there are options for what could happen to an animal that bites or injures a person, including impoundment or humane euthanasia. The ordinance also reinforces the provisions for keeping a vicious dog in city limits.

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Ban the Deed - Not the Breed
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Livonia City, MI: Ordinance Sought to Curb Dangerous Dogs (suggested BSL) Posted on November 9, 2008 by smorrow0712

City council will meet to discuss possible BSL
Monday, November 9, at 8:00 PM
City Hall Auditorium, 33000 Civic Center Drive, Livonia, Michigan

The citizen who is proposing BSL has told the council that dangerous dogs can be identified by breed, and that pit bulls are physiologically different from other dogs (”their jaws lock”wink.

City council contact information is here: y+council/city+council+home.dat&area_3=nav/government_citycouncil.da t&objectid=B1D53C0&ml_index=6&NC=406X

· Laura Toy, President

· Terry Godfroid-Marecki, Vice President

· Don Knapp

· Joe Laura

· Brian Meakin

· Thomas Robinson

The council agenda for November 9 is here: ity+council/agendas/agenda+select.dat&area_3=nav/government_citycoun cil.dat&ml_index=4&norelay_place=here&objectid=C1CD75310&articletitl e=Study+Meeting+Agenda+%2D+Monday%2C+November+10%2C+2008&norelay_ai= 50A159D2F67747AEB1748911A17050A7&norelay_reset=false&NC=740X

The article: 90516

Ordinance sought to curb dangerous dogs
By Alex Lundberg

A Livonia woman who was mauled and her own dog killed by roving pit bulls is asking the city to take a more proactive stance toward the handling of so-called vicious pets.

Diana Judge was walking her dog in June when it was attacked by two roving pit bulls. They were running free, had no licenses and killed her dog before attacking her. The owner was fined and the victim is recovering but the event has led Judge to believe the city needs to do more to protect residents and their pets.

“It’s an attempt to put more responsibilities on the owners of the dogs in this category,” Judge said. “It’s preemptive.”

The ordinance Judge is proposing calls for dangerous dogs to be kenneled or inside when at home, leashed and muzzled on the street, trained, limited to one per household and for their owners to have additional liability insurance in case of problems.

The Livonia City Council is expected to discuss the ordinance at a study session Monday night.

A dangerous dog, she said, is identified mostly by breed.

“The ordinance would apply to all pit bulls and to American Staffordshire terriers,” she said. “It would also apply to any dog animal control has deemed to be dangerous.”

As for the breed-specific nature of the ordinance, she said training and environment mean everything to the demeanor of a dog except pit bulls. They have been bred to fight, she said, and their anatomical makeup gives them a dangerous leg up on other species.

partyit bulls are physiologically different,” Judge said. “Their jaws lock. Other dogs can bite you and can cause injury but you can get away from them. Not so with a pit bull.”

Public Works Department Supt. Brian Wilson said the city gets calls about running dogs, mostly in the summer, and deals with them on a case-by-case basis.

“We give a warning to the owner,” Wilson said. “After that, if there continues to be a problem we write citations.”

In Judge’s case, Wilson said the owner of the pit bulls was given three citations for harboring vicious dogs, allowing them to run at large and for the dogs not having licenses. The owner had to pay fines, restitution and was given a six-month non-reporting probation.

Recently the Redford Township Board of Trustees voted unanimously to place new restrictions on the owners of so-called vicious dogs. The new ordinance puts in place a $100 fine, confinement and muzzling rules for dogs ruled to be vicious by the court.

The Livonia City Council has chosen not to change the city’s leash laws several times in the past.

Judge said she knows the city’s history on these issues but wants to try anyway.

“All I can do is try,” she said. “To bring the issue to the city council and attempt to change a situation is your responsibility as a citizen.”

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Ban the Deed - Not the Breed
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[BSL-UPDATES] Pit bull ban on agenda (Jackson, Mississippi)

Pit bull ban proposal on agenda in Jackson

JACKSON - The Jackson City Council gets its first official look at a proposed dangerous dog ordinance that would ban pit bulls and several related dog breeds.

The ordinance also would keep people from owning more than four adult dogs of any kind if they live in a residential area and have less than one acre.

Councilman Jeff Weill will introduce it at Tuesday's City Council meeting. It then will head to the council's rules committee for review.

Weill said the ordinance grew from concerns he has heard from his constituents, as well as the July death of a 3-year-old boy who was mauled by a neighbor's pit bull in south Jackson.

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Ban the Deed - Not the Breed
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[BSL-UPDATES] Fw: Ridgeland, MS: BSL being considered

Subject: Ridgeland, MS: BSL being considered

BSL will be discussed during a city council work session at Ridgeland City Hall at 6:30 PM November 17th and at a board meeting at Ridgeland City Hall at 6:30 PM on November 18th.

Contact information for Mayor and Board of Alderman can be found here:

Pit bulls spark heated court battle between neighbors
Ridgeland 10/29/08
Oct 29, 2008 05:42 PM CDT
Updated: Oct 30, 2008 08:22 AM CDT
By Monica Hernandez, WLBT 3

RIDGELAND, MS (WLBT) - April Scott is so terrified of the dogs next door to her home on Ralde Circle in Ridgeland, she took her neighbors to Ridgeland Municipal Court Wednesday on charges that their pit bulls and Rottweiler are a danger.

“My concern originally, and still is, for the safety of me and my family,” said Scott. ”But that doesn’t mean I’m not concerned for the other children in the neighborhood.”

Scott has hours of video showing the dogs charging at her fence. But Gloria and Pete Grantham argued that their dogs aren’t dangerous. The Granthams have video of the dogs playing with children during a recent cookout.

“I had 20-something people in my backyard-when we started my privacy fence- and no one got bit, nobody got ate. The kids had a ball,” said Gloria Grantham.

Scott has called Ridgeland animal control to the Grantham’s home nearly two dozen times, but an animal control officer testifed that the dogs aren’t dangerous.

A dozen of the Grantham’s neighbors and family members testified on the the Granthams behalf in Ridgeland Muncipal Court.

“They’re not vicious,” said Amanda Mason, who lives in the neighborhood. ”My baby is three-months old. If they were going to be vicious, they would have already attacked her, and all they do is lick her toes.”

The Granthams are building an eight-foot privacy fence, but Scott and her live-in uncle said they won’t be satisfied until it’s finished.

“It’s not complete, it’s only down 25% of the yard which is not going to keep the dogs in,” said Scott’ uncle, Mose McBride.

After hours of heated arguments, a Ridgeland Municipal Court Judge decided that there’s not enough proof that the dogs are dangerous under the city’s current ordinance. The judge also found insufficient proof to support charges that the Granthams are stalking Scott or that Pete Grantham assaulted Scott’s uncle. He issued a no contact order between the two neighbors.

The neighbors have appeared in court multiple times, and even appeared before the Ridgeland Board of Alderman, to settle the dispute. They said they’re not sure the judge’s decision will settle the heated fight over the dogs.

This ongoing case has sparked the city of Ridgeland to consider strengthening it’s vicious dogs ordinance. The mayor and board of alderman are discussing a few options, including a breed specific ordinance. They plan to discuss those options during a work session at Ridgeland City Hall at 6:30 PM November 17th and at board meeting at Ridgeland City Hall at 6:30 PM on November 18th.

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