ANOTHER seizure for me


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Mom talking:

It's only been a week and a half. I know her cry now before she has one. I called the vet this morning because they still had her on Potassium Bromide, I told them she was having a dry cough and I wanted her switched to Pheno, they told me I had to bring her in, which I didn't have the money, so I was trying to hold off, well she just had a seizure so I called the vet and was very adament about them switching her, they are. I'm going to give her Milk Thistle along with the Pheno for her Liver. Does anyone else use Milk Thistle or anything else I should have on hand?

I also posted this on the Yahoo group.


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It has been a while since this thread was posted; how are you doing now?

(sorry, for the late response)