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Borrowed from another group~

Do you guys know this game? You use the next letter of the alphabet each time and follow the pattern. I'll start with A

My name is Anne
My husband's name is Ace
We come from Alberta
And we sell Apple Trees

Next person go to it with the letter B:

Katie (In- Loving- Memory)

Instant- Gratification- Takes Too Long
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My name is Beulah
My husband's name is Bernard
We come from Beijing
We sell baseball bats

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My name is Claudiah
My husband's name is Chace
We come from Columbia
And we sell Chickens

Eclipse- (Over the- Bridge)

7/1/99 - 10/3/08 WE MISS- YOU!
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My name is Dawson
My Wife's name is Darla
We come from Denmark
And we sell Donkeys!laugh out loud

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Nice one Eclipse, hehe! Concats on Diary of the day!

Athena - Miss You- Sweet Baby(

Will be missed- terribly
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My name is Athena, b ut when I'm being a brat my mom calls me miss Fancy pants
Frankly we don't like it much here in St. louis
Fun times with bubbles and mousies
Found out pumpkins are dumb, it can't eat them or nap on them

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Soo cute Athena!


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G my name is Gerald
My wife's name is Gemma
We live in Georgia
and we sell geraniums.

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That is super cute! I love this game!